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Mod Guide - Strongarm REV-6

A little while ago, I modded a friend's Strongarm and took photos as I did so.
I'm sorry for the horrendous quality; I used the digital camera diode in my cheap cell-phone.
However, the pictures are more for general reference.
Plus, I'm sorry in advance for any confusion caused by the flavor of English I write in.
I'm from California.

No. 1-size screwdriver

Something long, thin, and sturdy. (I used another screwdriver)

Rotary tool - (I used the Harbor Freight & Supply Rotary Tool Set)

Swiss Army Knife


Strongarm (N-Strike Elite)
Teflon tape (plumbing tape)
Random spring that'll nest around the plunger rod


Get a Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm. (Pro tip: Use magnet for faster acquisition.)

Unscrew the three screws in the priming slide and remove it.

Unlike the Maverick, there is no tricky metal pin connecting the two halves of the slide. Instead, the bottom/right half is screwed onto the slide-return spring. Leave that be for now.

Now, unscrew the rest of the springs, but leave them in the shell.
Time to butterfly the blaster.
The cylinder may present a problem. Eject it and the problem will be resolved.

The blaster should separate nicely into two parts: one with the guts, and one with the cylinder.

The cylinder should easily come out of the shell.

The gray part at the front should easily slide off.

Now, letís make this bad boy able to handle all 50-cal ammo (12.7mm).

You will want to use this grinding head if you are using an HFT rotary tool set. (The one thatís sticking out.)

Since there probably are no Harbor Freight and Tool stores in Europe, you figure it out.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Load your rotary tool with the bit.

Fire it up.

Make sure the cord is plugged in completely and all connections are closed.

Grind away where I have marked. Adding Sharpie of your own to your cylinder will be helpful.

It should look something like this.

Switch over to a sanding drum.

Grind out at the inside of the chamber.

Do this until an elite/streamline dartíll fit inside.
Repeat for the other five chambers.

Now, on to the other part of the blaster.
Unscrew this screw, the only screw holding the internals inside.

The internals pop out easy.

Pull the plunger out.

Pull the O-ring off.

Apply ~4 layers of Teflon (plumbing) tape.

Put the O-ring back on.
(No picture, but do you really need one for this step?)

Next, wind your spare spring around the plunger. I used the original spring from my Razor Shot IX-4 (Sharp Shot I modded)

Time to mutilate the air restrictor!

Grab your long skinny tool and use it to ream the ar out.

Oops! Need more leverage!

And, crunch! You may need to repeat if you have a stubborn air restrictor.

Put the plunger back in.

Put the internals back into the shell.

Put the screw back in.

Put the gun back together.

Viola! Rear loading Strongarm!

Bonus: Can feed streamlines and stefans!

Warning: this mod makes it extra powerful, so exercise caution when using it,
Otherwise, you might end up having to dial 911 after you shoot your eye out.

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