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super gripper

Modded Stryfe

hey chaps, this is my modded stryfe :-

Tamiya Hypa Dash 3 mini 4wd motors, 18 AWG wiring, 10 amp micro switch, Worker fly wheels, pusher and stock, BS motor cover, shapeways mag release catch, worker battery cover thumb screw, running it on 3 high capacity AA nimh's and 1 dummy.
Lots of accurate power ..........


I Like this alot -  checked out your eBay and have to say im very tempted but i just picked up a stryfe on the argos deal and would love to mod it myself

Looks clean. What kind of response are you getting with that setup? I have run 180's on 2s and falcons on 3s and they are almost instant while stock motors on 2s or 3s still require spin up for a decent shot.
super gripper

the Tamiya motors respond well, on 3 high capacity nimh's so 3.6 volts are not an instant spin up but once running they give very good power.

I have sold over 50 of these modded stryfe's on ebay with these motors and everyone is super happy with their purchase  Very Happy

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