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Modified Blaster Data Archive

Modified Tests Click or Touch For Data

Flywheel Blasters

Stryfe- Mods covered, Re-wired 16 awg, locks removed, 3 and 4 cell IMR batteries. Also RM2 Motors, same internal mods, 6v rechargeable Nimh cells.

Rapidstrike- 4 builds, 7.2v IMR cells and 8.4v packs, all with barricade flywheel motors.
UKNW Sharked RS on 9.9v LiFe packs and BSUK Barricade Motors, 9.9v LiFe pack.

FDS E-flite 180 Motors, 8.4v 1400mah NiMh

Ultimate Rapidpistol BSUK cosmetics, switch kit, full re-wire and 180's

Britnerf Prize RS   FK 180's 2s Lipo, rewire etc. 7.8v start.

Demolisher XD BSUK re wire kit,Turnigy 2s Lipo, FK 180 3240's by FDS

Scouts Special Stryfe FDS rewire, 180-3240 motors

Zombiestrike Krinkov FDS wiring loom, "Double X," Xtreme 180 flywheels, 3240 pusher,  Stryfe flywheels, 2s Lipo

N-Strike Raven  Falcon 130 motors, KOOSH DARTS, 3s Lipo, DATA FROM BOFF

"Nerminator" 180 N-Strike Raven FDS wiring loom, 180-3240's, Raven flywheels, 2s Lipo
NS Modulus Stock wiring and motors, 2 IMR cells in stock tray.

Kardashnikov Rapidstrike FDS wiring loom, 180-3240's, 2s Lipo, Stryfe weight matched flywheels.

Springer Blasters

Swarmfire OMW 8kg Spring Torukmakto4 test

Mega Magnus (Orange) Blasterparts 7kg spring, AR still in

Octoshot Built by Franticblue, K26 spring, PETG barrels

ZS Slingfire OMW 5kg Elite Spring

100FPS Stampede! Torukmakto4 Data, Everbilt 11kg Spring, short barrel, AR delete, Standard bolt and breech! Not standard FDS test protocol, but silly numbers!

Stampede With and Without AR BSUK re wire kit, OMW 6kg Spring 2s Lipo by FDS

Elite Retaliator, Orange Mod Works stage 1&2 solid kits, plus stock, AR removed and 5kg spring only.

Retaliator Orange Mod Works Full stage 1-3 solid kits, 5kg and 7kg spring with the sealed breech

Nerfshack Brass Breech Longshot 10kg spring, Elite BB, deploy pump grip

Elite Rampatrooper "The Door Buster" OMW 5kg spring, fluted AT barrel.

ZS Doublestrike Blasterparts Mod Spring

Elite Alpha Trooper Blasterparts Hard Range Kit Kit with 8 kg spring

N-Strike Vulcan Blastersmiths UK 5kg Spring

N-Strike Longshot   Stage 1 Solid OMW with 7 kg spring

Elite Alpha Trooper Oznernerd Kit with 7 kg spring

Zombiestrike Slingfire Oznernerd Kit with 7 kg spring

Elite Alpha Trooper Zombona built and tested,  OMW 5 kg spring

Elite Alpha Trooper- Locks removed, Orange Mod Works 5 KG Spring, Uprated Catch Spring, AR Present

Comparative Test, Stock EAT vs Modded

Boffs Stampede Dual Test,Variety of springs and batteries.

Hammershot OMW, Blaster parts, Stock and Spacers

Longshot Stock, OMW Stage 1 8Kg Kit, Ar in and Ar removed.

Nerf Rival Line

Rival Zeus, stock and   3s Lipo, rewire by BSUK, data from BSUK.

I will add as I go and you can add your own results to the thread.

Here's some data for an N-Strike Rayven on Falcon 130s. Thought I'd share. Smile

EDIT: Thought I'd share this, too. Very interesting.

I don't care if this thread is old, I've got brand new data! Zeus XV-1200 on 3S 2200mAh 25C LiPo. Full work up can be found here.

Key points to note: we used a pair of 1mF capacitors to compensate for the fact we don't have any 16/14AWG wire available for wiring looms. The FET is different from our usual one in that it can handle up to 150A (it's rated to 300A but the TO-220 package limits it) and we've gone with a silicon kit rather than a micro-switch. Smile

Data tidied up, categorised a bit better. All suggestions on presentation welcome via PM.

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