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Modulus stock shot and barrel strike

The two new modulus blaster attachment things are listed on Smyths, due in mid jan,  

Now wait for it.....

17.49 each !!!!!!!!
UK Foam

That's Expensive!

Do you have a link to said articles? Yah know, so we know what you're talking about and can make this thread a useful discussion of a forthcoming release. Smile

Linky links for above products 😜
The Dark Kitten

I'm a fan of the barrel one. That looks like a good gimmick.
I wouldnt buy one unless it was in B&M dirt cheap or something simular. Even then i wouldnt use it as a barrel blaster more as a holstered secondary (more likely a third)
From Walcoms review the stock looks crap (as a stock) so isn't worth the 18 instead i'd buy a HS or a worker stock.

Overall a nice addition but not one the modding community has any interest in.

EDIT - as a reminder we aren't the aimed audience so to be fair we shouldn't judge it to hard.
UK Foam

Holy Moly!


Gentle reminder that these sorts of posts are in the same category as commenting 'lol'. They don't add anything to the discussion and generally clutter up the place. Feel free to add insightful commentary and input beneath your initial reactions but that alone is not sufficient to qualify as a worthy post.



I do like them and i hope that the price drops. I hope because i do like the Barrel Strike Blaster and I think id pay about 15


I think I could make one...

I like the look of the Barrel Strike!

For some reason, it reminds me vaguely of a micro uzi with a stock on it.

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