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Molle gear

What cheap molle gear that is Nerf compatible could I get for christmas or something like that?

Sparky2504 wrote:

Thank you! I have seen these but I was thinking of cheaper (sorry, tight budget)

Cheaper vests exist, but pouches that fit Nerf magazines are not simple items to get, as they are bigger than common firearms magazines and manny weapons that take larger magazines are illegal in the U.K., meaning there isn't demand for the equipment.
These vests are about the cheapest you can get easily but only the basic zip pouch is really useful. It dose fit average sized people aged 13+.
You don't actually need a full assault venst and tons of pouches to access Britnerf level games. We wrote a handy guide to gearing up for games, to help people plan their gear cheaply.
Full vest review here of the one linked. As noted the entry level triple Miranda pouch is £10, you can buy Molle and fit belt adaptors to allow you to use it with anything. As you can see airsoft versions are more expensive and won't fit our mags.

The miranda pouches are pretty well priced, on ebay most molle mag pouches are pretty similar in price but not designed for Nerf so won't be as good a fit.

Get Miranda pouches, they are hold 3 mags, that are cheap and effective. They come in a variety of colours. If you run a MOLLE rig or plan to, then get the MOLLE ones (and an adapter if you need it). If you will not be using MOLLE in the foreseeable future, they get the drop leg version as they are highly adjustable and they are very secure.

I just wrote a paragraph advertising a BSUK product.

Thanks for all the replied, I will look into those!

If you want an entry level solution that combines onboard storage for 4 12-18 mags and has good molle coverage for later expansion the battle belt is a good start.

As someone who has spent a lot over the last year on tac gear, and still not found the perfect solution,  my advice is to figure out your play style first.

Do you use a lot of mags?
Do you use a secondary?
Do you use front loaders?

And then ask yourself, do you prefer chest positioned, waist positioned or leg positioned gear? A lot of people find drop leg gear restrictive for example.

My final advice would be: get a dump pouch now, bsuk or airsoft as that can do lots of jobs. Add a mk4 holster for your secondary if you switch to that frequently.  Add a triple miranda as soon as you can, and practice practice practice. Have a clip in the blaster, one in your hand, and 3 in the miranda

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