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Monday the 29th August, Bristol

I know this is a bit short notice, but who is around the Bristol area for a game?

I have had further contact from Bristol Air Soft.

The venue looks awesome. Check out some play footage here.

Now, they are offering this to us for £10 with a minimum attendance of 20 people. On booking I would need to pay a 50% deposit. So please don't say you can make it if you can't. I understand if people all ready have commitments.

(One of the game options would be HvZ in the basement with lights off if we want it)

So Bristol Area Nerfers.....are you in?

I would love to give the airsoft venue a go, if it's good it solves the winter issues as it's all indoors. I personally don't mind paying the price as it's only a small fee every 2 months.

I will be able to confirm my attendance Wednesday, my wife if pregnant (and type 1 diabetic so is high risk) we will be told Wednesday when they are going to do deliver the baby,  we are expecting the end of the month but it all depends on the DR'S opinion.

HvZ in the basement with no lights sounds amazing, I'll be sure to bering a flashlight!

If I wasn't on holiday i would be there

I wish I could attend. The bank holiday Monday is the only family time we have due to my wife's shift patterns.  If I agreed to attend a Nerf war I may not be around to attend the next one! #PlayingTheLongGame

Due to lack of availability, this event will be a no go. I will try and organise something for 2017 here.

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