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More questions..

Will Devcon Plastic Welder be okay to fix brass to plastic in a similar manner to the below mod and is there any tips for doing stuff like this?

Is 17/32 brass supposed to be very,  very tight on elite darts? I can hardly get them in.

Thanks for any help

Devcon does not chemically work with brass. You need to remove the oxide layer and use a slow set polyester epoxy (Araldite slow) for structural stuff or slow Cyanoacrylate for non load bearing, e.g sleeper breeching a bolt or your rough cut idea.
17/32 is 13.5mm approx, so given dart foam is typically 12.9-13.1mm you have plenty of slack. I have run it with tightening rings. You should also ensure you can sleeve any exposed brass barrel securely as bare brass tube won't pass event safety. Use a razor saw to cut the tube. Relatively fine tooth pitch is good.

If it's K&S brass tubing 17/32" is the outer diameter and the ID will be around 1/2" (12.7mm) since the sizes are designed to telescope within each other. 9/16" K&S brass tube, for instance, has an ID of 17/32". 17/32" does tend to be quite a tight fit on Nerf darts (nominally 1/2" in diameter but often slightly larger). In most cases I'd probably go for a short section of 17/32" nested in the back of a 9/16" barrel or use 9/16" tube with tightening rings at the back instead of using a single piece of 17/32" tube. You only really want a very tight fit at the base of the barrel to build pressure before the dart moves - if the whole barrel is a tight fit you're adding additional friction unnecessarily (plus having to carefully twist darts into barrels isn't too helpful when you're trying to reload something in a hurry).

Arrgh. That's what I've done. I bought 17/32 KS pipe lengths thinking they were measured from the inner dimension! Doh.  I was wondering how deep I could put the dart in before the blaster wouldn't even be able to push it out. Thanks SSGT.

I will search for the adhesives with those active ingredients OldNoob thank you.

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