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More time wasting...

I added musics this time!
daniel k

I need your life!!!!! I wish I could spend time doing this instead or revising for tests of subjects I don't care about.

Which subjects? And which areas in particular?
daniel k

French and computer science. I am going into design engineering hopefully, and will not be using any of the above in the company I hope to work for.

[patronising old dude] You'll never regret having one more qualification under your belt [/patronising old dude]. Sorry can't help it, I work for a university  Laughing

Personally, I find it adorable that in the 21st Century, a potential future Engineer thinks that Computer Science is unnecessary. Languages are good, too. I have a medical science degree so it's hard for me not to say biology is awesome but I'm a nice person like that. Razz

Also, lets get this thread back on topic before it becomes the Patented BritNerf Careers Advice Thread. If you want to start that, go elsewhere in Off Topic. Smile

On topic, I'm not sure I want to watch the OP video. I think I'll pass and go back to the book I'm apparently writing on Nerf theory. (Seriously, it started as an angry blog post and it's now 4 pages and growing rapidly!)
daniel k

My actual problem is that there are not enough hours in a day to revise all the subjects I am taking. I have a set idea of what I want to do with my life, and have been forced to cut away excess to focus on subjects I'm really passionate about. I'm still doing German and mandarin, and my old man is a computing whiz, so I learn from him, not my teacher.
daniel k

Boff, just saw your post, pretty sure you posted it when I was typing. You should definitely start a careers advice column in the off topic forum,  Very Happy

Deutsch, machst du! Wuenderbar. Also wenn du Hilfe mit Biologie brauchst, sag's mal. Vieleicht kann ich ein wissenschaftliches Video zusammenbasteln.

I'm jealous of the dad as a computer whiz. I'm trying to learn Python at the mo and wish I'd done it earlier in life. Seriously, though, if there's any science or English you want a hand on, let me know and I'll try to make an engaging video about it.

Re what you said earlier, I think that's what you're working for now. To give you more options so you can choose more of your life later ^_^

Anyway. I need to sleep so I can choose to have a good life tomorrow.

Sorry, I lost count about half way through. Could you do it again just for me please?
daniel k

Thanks for the offer, I will hold you to that one! Python sucks, but it is pretty essential to programming ect, however, we are not taught it at my school yet. The fact that a thread about a crazy feat of engineering rapidly turned into Careers advice is something that only happens at midnight on a Nerf forum.

I can do careers advice, I work in recruitment...

I can do computer science advice, I am a desktop app, and Web developer

I can do engineering advice, i'm a siphonic drainage expert, whose designs were used in the new atlanta airport (I get a small buzz everytime drac's videos show it) and spaceport america...

And honestly, the 'A' level that was the least use for me: computer science...

I've employed, in my 20 years of commercial IT experience, 9 junior programmers, and interviewed at least twice that. Graduate computer programmers suck... They think because their course taught them a bit of html or python that they are gods gift to programming, and deserve the 25k price tag they want, and then generally crumble at the first tech challenge

I interview someone on tuesday... he could talk the talk, so was invited back after lunch for a programming test. We asked him to do a noddy program, connect to a database, pull back the contents of a table, display it, allow new ones to be added, old ones to be deleted...

Should have taken 20 mins... 2 hours later, it barely brought back the contents. Suffice to say he wasn't hired...

If you truely want to learn computing grab some raspberry pi's, and some sesnors, and some motors, and learn how to combine it, make your own turret that tracks a target and then fires once it's in range...

blindgeekuk wrote:
I can do careers advice, I work in recruitment...
If you truely want to learn computing grab some raspberry pi's, and some sesnors, and some motors, and learn how to combine it, make your own turret that tracks a target and then fires once it's in range...

And then post a how to guide so I can stand on the shoulders of giants as I have a few spare pi's doing nothing.

I can code... I can't solder...

Where I used to work, we had a couple of us working on a camera project - two pi camera's, one set as wide angle with object movement detection code, the other set as a focused one, that was on motorized arm/pivot and would be moved to get the get focus on faces based on the object moving in the wide camera.

I can ask them if I can get the code/designs off them...

Got bored and all I had to play with were the shells again!

Browsed unrelated sites during work. Can't blame the boss if I get fired LoL

I'm in retail. When there're no customers and the shelves are stocked I surf the web until business ideas hit me. Or just do whatever. Boss tried to convince me to watch marvel movies at work once.

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