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Mosfet for hellcats?

So bear with me, I'm a complete noob regards electrical mods.

Ive a pair of hellcats I'm planning on fitting in the incisor this weekend and had thought I'd just follow a basic stryfe type rewire but seeing as mosfets are required for a RS build using 180 type motors have I got this wrong ?


You don't have to have a MOSFET. A regular 16AWG rewire and new Rev trigger switch will work.
The MOSFET means you can keep the stock rev switch if you want, plus the 45A stall current is away from your hand. See the BSUK wiring diagram for details or copy the rev trigger section of Franksies RS wiring diagram. IRFZ44N will do your FET needs for this job.
I also like "one wiring loom to rule them all" which the FET does, as you can run any common motor/voltage combo.

Yeah, what OldNoob said, IRFZ44N should be well enough. Although I don't understand 95% of the stats in the spec sheets, I've gone with a seemingly beefier mosfet that has even less resistance, IRF3205. I also got some heatsinks for the mosfets...  Laughing

Spec sheets linked below, if you wish to compare:

FET is recommended unless you plan to take the time to grind out space for a full sized microswitch in your trigger grip. I wouldn't recommend using a Cherry DC2 10A on a pair of Hellcats; a MOSFET is better suited to this application. Smile For Hellcats, however, I wouldn't recommend the IRF44ZN since it's rated to 49A and the motors want 44A at stall - not a lot of headroom. The BSUK high powered Stryfe kit uses a much more potent IRF3034 MOSFET with 130A and plenty of headroom. Once we finally get our hands on an Incisor, I'll get a wiring kit made for it. I've got a Desolator coming in in a few days so there's that.

I should point out that Hellcats have the same stall current (22A) as 3240's and I have never had a return with a cooked switch on any of the 20+ Tri Blades I built, all of which had a DC2 rev switch.
Agreed MOSFET is the smart solution.

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