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Motor upgrade for Rayven


I am looking to upgrade the motors on my Rayven (green firefly one).

It seems to rev slower than my stock Stryfe, and I'd like to match or better this.

I've looked at some old posts on here which suggest Solarbotics RM2.  Is this still the motor of choice?

I don't plan on upgrading batteries etc at the moment

Thanks in advance

How old are those posts?! Yikes, the RM2 were in vogue in 2013 and quickly went out again after the field performance was dire and they kept burning out. They have metal brushes which means they don't last anywhere near as long as other motor options, including stock. Some quarters have placed their specification below that of stock motors.

Nowadays, you want a pair of MTB Rhino motors and a 3S LiPo pack. If you don't want to go LiPo, you've got the option of drop-in IMRs with a single dummy cell but if you're not planning on touching batteries or wiring then don't bother at all. You can add shiny new motors but your alkaline batteries are just going to look at you and go "What do you expect me to do? I can't supply that current" before storming off in a huff leaving your motors doing bugger all.

If you want a small improvement and can't be arsed with the excellent and well considered advice above, I have many pairs of Rapidstrike motors for 3 per pair posted. They are better than the old Rayven ones.
I would still advise a proper rewire, that alone makes a difference and is really cheap. PM me if you want the motors.
If you want proper power, IMR is a start, Lipo is the best way. Both need new wiring throughout and can be added to your rewired blaster later very easily. RM2= RM fail. Every set I have ever had burnt out after a few games, just on stock voltage. You can carbon brush them, but you are essentially throwing money that could be spent on wire and batteries away, data on all these mods is in my sub forum in modifications.

I finally got round to fitting these motors to my Rayven

It's only taken me a year!

What a difference, it's now out-performing my stock Stryfe.

Full re-wire and lock removal tomorrow (when i find my wire strippers Rolling Eyes )


Please don't necro posts, even your own. Well done for getting something built but please start a new topic next time. Thread locked. ON

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