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Motors specifically for NiMH

A lot of the common consensus around motors in Nerf is to do with motors that have been made or sourced to work at 7.2v and 11.1v however since NiMH and also LiFe batteries have a different set of voltages I wonder if there are any motors out there that maybe don't cut it for either a 2s or 3s yet might be worth while running around the 6v, 9.6v or possibly even the 8.4v mark?

I'm not interested in discussing what battery type is better but more so just curious as to what other avenues are available and what to look for in an optimum motor for NiMH.

You're looking for the same characteristic with all chemistries: 36kRPM and as much torque as you can muster. Flip your question and save yourself the hassle.

Using standard MTB motors with 9.6V sub-C packs has been known to work pretty well. There are also some people who use 7.2V packs and 2S motors like 3240s. It's just a case of matching the discharge capacity of your NiMH (or LiFe) to the current needs of the motor in question. We used to run Shark NSR40s off 4S LiFe and the same would work for 3S or 4S LiFe and any 3S MTB motor provided you got a pack that could match the current. Smile

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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