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MTB Rapidstrike Pusher Motors DPS

I've used Make Test Battle's method of 60 frames per second filming a Rapidstrike pusher to count the number of strokes in a second. The number of strokes per second is then a proxy for the number of darts per second. The results are below.

Stock: 9dps
Rhino: 10dps
Hellcat: 11dps
Honey Badger: 14dps

Stock: 6dps

Obviously, this confirms Ryan's testing that Honey Badgers do indeed get 14 darts per second. It's an impressive rate of fire but I'm not entirely sure why you'd ever want it. I guess that's because I'm a semi-auto kinda guy...

I'll find a 2S pack and some Wolverines at some point and update this post.

Wow, 14dps sounds equal parts awesome and pointless. I mean, pull the trigger for almost two seconds and you'd have emptied an entire 25 dart drum! While it's cool to see that it can be done, I'm left wondering should it be done?

Reminds me a little of Drac's "Stormbolter" twin hyperfire running two 25 dart drums: with 3s installed he was dumping 50 darts in a few seconds - impressive but impractical.

Mind you, as critical as I'm sounding, it's the kind of thing I would do, just to show that it can be done!

The honeybadger also degrades fairly quickly on 3s and I have never managed to get one to brake properly on 3 switch.

Speaking from experience of using a Honey Badger pusher, its pointless...

I was able to dump an 18 clip in a little over a second, but had absolutely no trigger control, I couldn't single shot, and even the lightest touch might fire anywhere between 3 and 12 shots before the motor stopped.

If you want managable but decent RoF, go Hellcat, needs minimal shell cutting, but I can single shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, etc with ease. and a clip dump is still under 2 seconds if I need it

Updating the OP with the first of the videos in a sec. The overnight render crashed on the main MTB one so I have the stock RS one to start with. Smile

I also don't see the point of the Honey Badger pusher. Most magazine feed rates top out around 10-12dps anyway and drums of any flavour certainly don't keep up with that. Unlike a BOOMed Nitron, darts don't form a large, sustained curtain of projectiles that you can use as a smoke screen. I can see literally no reason to go above 10dps other than to say you can. It's like Pryzbylewski's hair trigger in The Wire, it's cool to show off but someone's gonna get hurt...

I need to get a set in a flywheel cage and get the chronograph out.

I got 100-105 on Stryfe wheels out of the Hb. All rpm no torque. To be fair to Ryan they were never designed to be a flywheel motor.

I agree with BGUK after finishing my latest rapidstrike with 3 Hellcats in, I used it for the first time at GuN 12 and quite simply wow.
The rate of fire if you want to blanket fire whilst trying to get to a new position is awesome, but then at the other end where control is required for more precise/tactical shots again the Hellcat as a pusher is superb with single, 2 etc shot easily achieved.
So personally i see absolutely no need for Honeybadgers to be honest.

Dazzle740 wrote:
So personally i see absolutely no need for Honeybadgers to be honest.

I think my 'Honey Badgers for when you absolutely have to piss away a magazine in 3 seconds' at the end of the 3S RoF testing video really sums up my attitude to them. I stocked some of them for the company because Rhinos are out but I suspect I'm going to be holding them for a while...

I think you may be right there Boff.

I have built a few rapidstrikes now and have an all Rhino set-up and a rhino flywheel only set-up and also finally a all Hellcat setup and for me IMPO (and it is only my opinion) the Hellcat is the only motor to use as a pusher once you decide to relegate the stock motor if only for it's pure control of RoF when required and then simply ease of mag dump when well quite simply because you can lol !!!

The numbers for Rhino and Hellcat tally pretty well with the no-load speed at 12.46V (IIRC the RS box ratio is 60:1 giving 10.38dps and 10.47dps respectively). Interestingly though, the RoF for the Honey Badger doesn't (a HB at no-load on 12.46V should yield a RoF closer to 20dps) and I'm not sure why - it shouldn't be due to voltage sag (it'd have to drop below 8.6V for the no-load speed to drop by that much) and it shouldn't be due to lack of torque either (if a Rhino can maintain close to no-load speed a Honey Badger damn well should assuming the load is about the same). Gearbox efficiency will vary with speed (more precisely the pitch line velocity of each individual gear) due to things like windage losses as the gears churn the air/lube in the box, so that's a possible factor, but I wouldn't have thought it would cause that much of a difference - then again worm drive efficiency can be as low as 20% under certain conditions so maybe 10-11dps just happens to be close to peak efficiency for the RS box and anything too far either way is just insanely inefficient?
UK Foam

The rapidstrike I ran at bristol blast 4 had a rhino pusher. I personally think that is enough of a dart hose. So anything faster must be insane!

Im definitely going to do a honey badger pusher now 😆

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