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Multiple layers of fillers

I've got some filling to do, it's a fairly deep and awkward area so I'm thinking of filling the awkward bit and raise the surface of the rest with some milliput black, then, once set, top it and properly shape it, with some Milliput White, and then finally stick on some Squadron Putty to go for the smooth as a baby's bum finish.

Is there anything I need to consider when layering fillers like this?is it better to stick one on and before it's set slap on the next so there's some melding or whatnot?

Also any general tips gratefully received.

The main thing to consider if you are needing a layer of filler over 1mm is that you should make the height up in plastic sheet instead because your structure is insufficient.
None of my builds use filler in that way. I have the same stick of milliput I bought in 2013. You can fill on top of putty but it shows a lack of proper construction and is a bodge IMO.
If you do lash it up with plod, be aware the layers can de laminate and the bottom layer should be fully cured then keyed with 120 grit paper before more is added.

As ON said, filler should be used to smooth a rough surface or fill small details. It shouldn't form the structure of your build. Get yourself some sheet ABS or styrene and build the structure with that, then fill over the top. A poor man's alternative is to use snippets from an old blaster shell to the same effect.

Thanks guys, you've just pointed me in a different and much better way of doing what I need to do. Cheers!

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