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My Britnerfaversery.

So last week marked my 1st year anniversary here on Brit Nerf. I had been into Nerf and modifications for a few years and had lurked about on the forum now and then but after attending my first Foam Dart Thunder event last August and Mr FDT persuading me to join in officially it's been great. I've been on a few different hobby forums in the past but find this is definitely up there with the best and loads of people willing to help out and always further and progress the hobby. This month I'll be travelling many miles to attend my second Grim up Nerf event followed by a double header foam dart thunder weekend in Edinburgh followed by another skatepark war night at Zone 74 near Glasgow  all in four weeks so just wanted to say cheers everyone, it's good to be a nerfer right now, hip hip.......  Very Happy

Happy forum cake day, I salute your dedication to getting to games.

Happy BritNerfiversary

Happy BritNerfiversary mate - and it's a pleasure to have you at our events Smile

Nice one Al,
certainly is a good time to be a nerfer.

Happy Nerfday!

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