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My First Hack Job

Decided it's about time I got to doing my first full mod of my Stryfe, as it has been sitting in pieces for a month or so and as much as I love pump springers, can't argue with flywheel RoF.

I come from a wargaming background so I'm used to hacking things to bits, painting and being broke and disappointed with everything I touch. Nerf is a bit different of course, with the scale difference and that I have to play around with electricity but at least I will get to shoot people with the blaster.

First action was to get the battery fitted. So with my hobby saw and cheap dremel knockoff I hacked away at the shell till I got to here.

Stuck the battery in, and it's a pretty snug fit.

Too snug.

Not sure what I can do to give it a couple more mm depth, go at it with a sander maybe but it's sooo close.

Already have my new motors, just awaiting wiring loom, voltmeter and some decent solder before I attempt the next phase.

Take the battery tray lid and use side cutters to remove ALL the ribs, then use a razor blade or stanley blade to shave them completely flat. It should be utterly devoid of any texture apart from the tags at the back.
Shave the floor of the battery tray too, there's still residue there and you can get a mm or so with careful work.

Already removed most of the lid ribbings, will go over it again and see if I can shave a little more off and yeah the tray could use a little cleaning off too. Will have another crack at it later tonight and see if I can't get it to fit, thanks!

Using a razor blade you can actually shave the lid. BSUK have a low profile tray expander somewhere too.
The other option is to make a 2mm stand off in the shell fir the lid, glued to the tray lid with new "legs" lower down st the back and a longer tray thumb screw. Ditch the stock tray screw, thumb ones are awesome. M3x12 thumb screw off ebay.

Alright it's a little better, not perfect but this is good enough for now at least.

After sanding the hell out of both parts and trimming away a few more shell bits it still was no better, and I was about to put it away for the night when I realised it still popped out that amount even without the Lipo in it. Turns out some of the shell was a bit too roughly hacked in places and wasn't letting the cover settle properly.

For functional purposes it'll do like this, when I come to do the external aesthetics I might revisit options for it.

Thanks for the heads up about the thumb screws, I'll pick some up for sure.


Whilst waiting for the last of the internals to arrive in the mail (RM hates me) I gave the shell some sanding

And then a couple coats of paint.

Might need a 3rd coat due to a couple drips/rough patches but or the most part I like the coverage and will be touching up the details next.


About 80% Painted.

Tomorrow will be fitting the new motors so I can hopefully rewire on Monday.

Looking nice! I personally despise the dremmel for working on blasters, so much easier with an xacto knife, a sharp hobby knife will cut through plastic like butter for much cleaner cuts and none of that noise and dust.

Thanks! Yeah I'm sure it's because I went with a cheap one but my dremel struggled to get through the shell without losing power, ended up mostly using my hobby saw. The dremel did come in handy for sanding some nooks and crannies though.


So after a couple evenings of frustration, I believe the wiring is all done. I had to revisit it as some wires were way too long and some solder joints were weak and kept coming off.

Only issue I have is fitting the Lipo pack in with the wires not in the way, it squeezes in in certain ways so I will have to keep an eye on that in case it damages any joints.

Other than that it's just the paint job to finish and touch wood my first full blaster mod will be complete!

Follow FDS video on LiPo plug changes and use it to shorten the leads

Given how messy my soldering can be I didn't want to mess around with that side of the wiring in case I ballsed it up, but I will give the video a watch later to see how involved it is.

Wish I'd done the same kind of battery tray hack job as you, as I wouldn't need a second stryfe to fit an xsw into if I had. Also, that's an excellent paint job. That supersosker stock looks like it came with the stryfe. Very well done!

It's people like you that make me want to actually make my blasters look nice...

Great job ^_^ That's cool.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Just a little more work to do on it and I will post the final pictures.

Out of interest, what paint did you use?

It was a Halfords brand car paint, can't remember which specific colour as the can in the shed, but I can go look if you need.

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