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My First Rapidstrike Build

So, I decided to enter the flywheel world and build myself a Rapidstrike....

Having never done this before it was allot of fun and challenging at the same time. I wanted my first flywheel blaster to be a bit of a beast and jumping in at the deep end I went for a 180 Hellcat build.

Also, seeing OldNoobs take on the dentistry mod I wanted to incorporate this into my shell work as it looks cool.

Here are the specs:
3x Hellcats Ė I derped the voltage to the pusher using diodes. Iím getting about 8 to 10 DPS with excellent cycle control, I can single fire and burst fire.
Worker flywheels with pusher
Full 16 AWG rewire with the BSUK switch plate
Iím running it on a 2200 mAh Bolt.
I also fit a voltmeter behind the sling mount but didnít get a picture of that.
The paint job is a weathered well used look, but still looking nice and bright. I went with Halfords auto body paint, VW brilliant orange and Audi deep black. I weathered the blaster with Citadel paints and oils.

Iím really happy with how it turned out and cannot wait to use it during Bristol Blast soon!

Here is an album with a few more pics

Looks great, love the weathered paint job.

Nice work!

Cheers both! I need to get it over the chronograph to find out the FPS, I'll be doing it during Bristol Blast

That looks great! The only change I would make would be to toss the diodes on the pusher, 180's single shot fine without them.
The paint looks really good, you should be proud of a job well done.

Very nice, love that paint job.

Excellent work!

OldNoob is spot on, lose the diodes, a hellcat pusher single shots fine

Appreciate the feedback!

I'll pull the diodes out and see how it runs, I was nervous that unadulterated Hellcats in a pusher would be difficult to control.

Excellent work, looking forward to seeing this up close and personal at BB4...

I love how this looks, really well presented.  Well done mate!
UK Foam

This was really quite impressive in person at Bristol Blast 4


Please don't resurrect threads that haven't been posted to in for over 2 weeks unless they are a "sticky" or you have pertinent information to add (as per the forum CoC). In this case this would probably have been better served as a PM or as part of a post in the Bristol Blast 4 after action report thread.

Topic locked.


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