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My new Stryfe - Thanos

This is Thanos

I'll start with the preformace mods.

I took my time to ensure this was a precision build.
Inside Thanos are 2 MTB Hellcats seated in a red Artifact Cage, powered by a 1000MaH LiHV Bolt. I have matched Worker wheels to a 0.02 gram tolerance and perfectly size matched.

I have a fluted barrel right through the inner barrel and the barrel attachment.
It took some work getting the original barrel out of the attachment, but it was worth it.

And finally a Worker pusher and a full 16 AWG rewire.

I tested it on Davera's Chrono at BB9 and it's averaging 125 FPS.

Now onto the external.
I have done allot to this shell, filling in the sharks teeth, Jase3D motor cover and battery cover. Worker top and lower rail with foregrip.

I have extended the Retal stock by arround 2" to make it funcional. I did this by recycling an old Worker stock attachment i didnt need. I Devcon'd them together and added 4 screws onto the inside of the stock for added structural support.

Also on the stock I have done something I certainly haven't seen before, and that's adding a VM into the void that's on the Retal stock.
The VM is connected to the main loom via a JST plug, so you can take the stock off and disconnect the VM without opening the blaster.

Finally the paint job, I'm really pleased with how this has turned out and the contrast of colours works well. I spent allot of time experimenting with colours and shades.
I have added honeycomb detailing at points of the blaster too.

Hope you guys like it.

Looks great in person mate - you've got this painting lark sorted

Having seen this in person at BB9 the pictures don't do it justice.  It's a stunning looking blaster with some excellent little touches. I especially like the placing of the vm.  Plus it hits like a beast.  Well done mate.

This looks amazing. From the colours to the attachments, it all flows together really well.

Very well done. Looks superb. Clearly built with thought and precision too.

Looks great, how was the honeycombing done?

Thanks for the feedback!

n_g wrote:
how was the honeycombing done?

The honeycomb effect was done with a stencil i bought online. It's really simple to do, but effective.

Have to say I was quite jealous at BB9. Looks really nice and great effect with the paint work. Great performance as well, particularly compared to my noisy rhinos with stock cages.

Is that the low profile jase 3d battery cover? Really like the look of those covers.

My son is working on his own stryfe build (not too dissimilar in internals). I'll show him this to keep him motivated as that looks great.

Filadams - Yes, it's the Jase3D low profile cover, it's a very nice.

OMN - Glad I can help with the motivation!

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