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My Very Mega Mastodon

During Bristol Blast 5 i finally got to run my Mastodon. And although it was great fun to use, it was abundantly clear that it was not war ready and needed an upgrade.

So, this weekend I striped the beast down and fully rewired the blaster with 16AWG and hooked it up to THIS 3S Graphene Lipo.
I left the stock motors in the blaster as I wanted to see how it preformed first, then decide if they needed upgrading too.

To summarise, im extreamly happy with blaster now, the newly obtained power makes and incredible diffrence and I belive it's truly a war ready blaster now.
The blaster is very easy to rewire, it's essentially a larger Rapidstrike internally. One surprise was space, the blaster is obviously very large but space was limited in the handle, so some internal shell work was required to make the DC2 Cherry microswitches to fit.

Here is a pic of the internals.

And here is a very brief test fire for anyone who wants to see how much a diffrence the Rewire and Lipo made.
(Excuse my flinch at the beginning, I wasn't expecting it to be that powerfull)

Oh dear lord, what have you done? Hope I'm on your team at next BB, cos I don't want to go up against that monstrosity!

Tis a BEAST! Well done on completing that.  

It looks genuinely competitive now.  I agree that it wasn't war ready at BB5.... BB6 though, that'll be exciting Smile ohhh... and I'm going to be standing behind you providing cover fire, whilst you clear the hallways.

Looking good. I guess I'm going to have to work on counter-heavy weapons strategies for BB6 then. Smile


Now THAT I'd love to play with. There'd be nothing but grin from ear to ear =0D

Did you have to modify the firing mechanism at all? I crudely pack-hacked mine because I'm a degenerate and found it has a little cycling trouble, I think it's basically outrunning the return spring. I've had some good feedback on this from reddit but interested to get more...

Cheers guys, I'm looking forward to running it at BB - Boff you will need to work on some tactic, UKNW mentioned some form of heavy unit for BB - that's going to be interesting

Northwind - I have had no trouble with it so far, did you upgrade the motors? I'm thinking that maybe the motors have too much torque for the gears.

Nah, I literally just soldered an XT60 to the stock battery tabs without even opening up the shell. I think in another life I was a mechanic for the council. I'll do it properly some day
UK Foam

This is beautiful and look froward to seeing it in action at BB6

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