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MyFreeForum shutdown in June

So according to the link at the top it looks like MyFreeForum is shutting down at the end of June, do those in charge have an exit strategy yet? (edit: Just noticed it was only announced today, a little early for an exit strategy to already be in place)

Just thought I'd start the discussion as I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere?

Don't panic. We're aware and putting contingencies in place.

I was shocked when I read this but thinking about it, it was inevitable really. I know they've been struggling for a while, dealing with thousands of inquiries for a little over 500 a month. As hard as they try, enough has to be enough at some point.

So what does this mean for Britnerf?

We've long toyed with the idea of hosting the forum ourselves. Nothing need change for our users other than being able to remove adverts. I'd hoped to learn a little more about t'internet before it happened but it looks like our hand has been forced.

So, who here can help us transfer the forum to our own web space? We can take the opportunity to make some changes that will improve the forum for everyone.

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