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Mystery missile launcher

Help please I'm sure i watched an old you tube video recently that had some sort of missile launcher that came with two different distict types of missiles. A rocket shaped one and a grenade shaped one.

I cant remember much else but i dont think it wS Nerf brand, it might have been air powered, could have been part of another blaster and might have been a coop vid, but might not....

I know thats all a bit rubbish but does anybody know what I'm going on about ? 😕

***Got it with the help of reddit, lanard x-tream air JAM blaster****
Not very good apparently.

Sounds to me like a Spy Gear Signal Launcher.

Nope, not it sorry.

But thanks

Was it a HAMP? Was it green?

I cant remember  🙁
Maybe 😞


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