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N-Strike Rayven CS18 Firefly Mags

I have recently started playing at night with Glowberrys , 3 Elite Firefly Mags and 2 Classic N-Strike Rayven Mags. Now the Elite Mags produce brighter darts than the Classic Mags. Since moving to IMRs I have several trustfires doing nothing. So my question is aimed to the engineers among you.

Do you think using trustfire cells in the Classic Mags would produce brighter LEDs without ultimately frying anything? Trustfire cells are designed for LED/Torch use anyway.

Having tried this myself with a couple of 3 volt lifepo4 batteries the mags were fine but don't get that much brighter.  Precharging the darts and keeping the mags light turned on  gives better results, i found a single 3.6 volt IMR with two dummy batteries gives the same light but much less weight.

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