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Nerf center

Hi guys was just thinking about it and wondered if anyone has ever considered trying to set up a community run Nerf center.
Not sure if it would work but what I was thinking is we could find a location fairly central to the majority of community members  (preferably a warehouse with offices and outside space) where we could set up a bunch of different scenarios with movable obstacles so as to give more variety.
Would require a membership fee to cover running costs but would allow wars to be run on a regular basis, any member would be allowed to run a war but using community chosen rules and blaster limitations.
Would be a nonprofit and any excess membership fees would go into restocking dart pools and purchasing loaner blasters.
As I say not sure if it would work but would be interested to hear what you guys think

Nerf party venues exists, but most are of limited size and function - think 10 kids with jolts in a badminton court sized arena

I actually priced up running a community venue - as you can use the community classification to define how you get rates reductions and how you draw your wage. At best, you'd have to make it into a 40k a year business to make it viable. Good luck with that!

As for it being a warehouse with movable obstacles etc, GuN, and Bristol Blast have found that a mix of indoor and outdoor play locations are best.

Wasn't thinking a party venue or a local community venue but a Britnerf community venue. Wouldn't have staff running it just keyholders chosen by the members, so only real costs would be rent and utilities but would probably still be too expensive to make it viable. I read that the mixture of indoor and outdoor space works the best that's why I mentioned the outdoor space and having the offices too would allow for a different environment to the open warehouse area.
Think the only way to make it viable would be if you found somewhere cheap with good access that has just the right balance of indoor and outdoor space as well as decent parking. As I said probably wouldn't work because of the venue required would be tough if not impossible to find, especially at an affordable price but just thought it might be worth considering even if it's in the future when Nerf becomes more popular in the UK.

Define a' location fairly central to the majority of community '...... Without saying 'London' 😀

As much as I love playing Nerf games and doing eventsi find it's a struggle to justify leaving the confines of Yorkshire to play a game. YMMV.

I was thinking somewhere in the Northampton area as it would be within around 2-2 1/2 hours drive of London, Leeds and Bristol


Although I'm close to London I know it wouldn't be a suitable location as it's not central and the rental prices are ridiculous


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The idea is a good one. But I think at this stage it's got too many obstacles in its way. The first being cost.  If you wanted a Nerf specific venue I think you'd be hard pressed to find enough people coughing up on a monthly basis to contribute to it.
Secondly would be location, and I don't mean finding a specific building but rather just an area. 2 1/2 hours to travel every time you want to use a venue is quite far when there are venues we have found around an hour or so for most people.....which are free....

The idea has been spoken about before, and I am sure it will come up again. But us Nerfers are generally quite thinly spread across the whole of the UK, until numbers are up I can't see it happening.

Sorry didn't realise I could edit posts 😕

No worries idea just come to me so I thought I'd ask the question, it actually started with me thinking about trying to set up a regular war and thinking of a location  (even though I'm only going to my first one on Saturday lol ) then progressed to thinking it would be cool to have a national Britnerf run Nerf center

Spot hire of venues is cheaper, easier and allows us to vary locations. We already have regular events in north, London,west, south west and Scotland.

I know from the rent I pay on my brewery unit (which i get pretty cheap for the size) it would cost you a fortune, then youve rates and standing charges on your utilities. Even if you got enough members I reckon youd be talking golf club membership type fees!

Great idea though, but as said previously spot hires or free outdoors venues in the summer would be your safest bet. You could always just pick a different war around the country every few months and go on tour.

Theres two regular skatepark venue's up here now with 3 wars in a week coming up end of September , why not head up 😎

I've been looking for a space for years to run as a multi activity arena but to no avail.

Having a community member with a large, appropriate industrial unit would be the dream but the community is too small to warrant a dedicated space. Realistically it'll only be used at weekends so 5 days a week it'll be sitting there, empty, costing us money. I set up a local maker space a few years back but even though we had loads of interest, nobody ever used it.

As people have said above, it'd be much more cost effective to rent a sports hall for a few hours a month and have at it. It only takes a phonecall (or email) to rent a hall and they're usually very modestly priced.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Guess I'll put the idea on the back burner until I win the lottery lol

You never know you might find some where you could hire in the evenings or at weekends when its not being used for its primary use. I remember going to a new year party night held inside a massive shopping centre. Theres obviously skateparks, just needs a bit of out the box thinking, dont write it off yet.

Youth centres are good too. My regular game is in one. They do require public liability insurance but we are working on that problem. Your own PLI policy is still less than 2 weeks rent of a tiny space though.

Only putting idea of a permanent venue on the back burner, will definitely look into finding a venue that's either cheap or free to set up some wars but will go to a few first before actually hosting one.
Will try and find a few different types of venue as well so I can set up different scenarios each time I host.

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