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Nerf Demolisher Commission

Hello BritNerf Community

I've recently bought a Nerf Demolisher and i wish to order a Commission of someone who'd being willing to take the time. please PM me to discuss a Quote and any further details. anything i havent listed please let me know via PM and i'll get that covered

My List of Mods:

New motors (130 Honey Badgers)
Extended mag release.
Re-wiring + Microswitch (16AWG For a Zippy 2s 850 Compact LiPo Battery)
Removal of any unnecessary locks

(I will supply parts and cover posting costs)

Thank you.

It's in the right place.
There's no commercial kit that I am aware of that makes the demolisher full auto. A full auto demolisher is a flat top Rapidstrike. If you want full auto you are better off starting from the RS anyway. There are several kits to alter its appearance too.
Be aware that clear resin components are likewise not available. Hawki makes ones for the Stryfe but they are very expensive. Any "clear" parts would be likewise costly to produce.
It will also help potential builders if you have an FPS figure in mind. If your HvZ group has a yard limit, find it out as it will dictate what motors/flywheels you can run.
Don't want to discourage you from what sounds like a fun build, but be prepared to be flexible or pay a lot more!

That is True the poor Demolisher is lacking the love in terms of commercial kits. and FPS wise 110 to keep it safe. and as for the clear parts that's fine.. it was one the more optional mods from the list.

Thank you for your reply OldNoob. your from FDS if i'm not mistaken?

Also i welcome any suggestions or ideas for this project so if anyone has any please let me know. i look forward to hearing them.

I brought a stryfe/demolisher full auto kit from taobao...

That the Select-Fire Kit? i saw it and wasn't to sure that would fit, as the board goes behind the Strfyes battery casing

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