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Nerf Disruptor

Recently found this when looking under "New Arrival" and notice this new Strongarm remodel of some kind. I dont know if that product can be legit to buy or something.

It's legit, I have one

Internally. It's pretty much identical to a strongarm, the main differences being the lack of flip out to reload.

In hand, I find the handle is fairly small and not ergonomic, and the blaster is front heavy. Which, with the smooth short handle, makes it want to fall out of my hands kids find the prime a lot easier than a strongarm prime, and it fires consistently hard, unlike any strongarm I've owned which are always a bit hit and miss.

If you want a disruptor, buy a rebelle spylight

blindgeekuk wrote:
If you want a disruptor, buy a rebelle spylight

I will happily second this, after getting caught short without a blaster at my niece and nephews over christmas (thought we were just going over for chinese, not a Nerf war). Starting off having to borrow one of the Mavericks I gave them ages ago, I was extremely grateful to get my hands on a Spylight after my niece finally admitted to her 6 year old self that the prime was too heavy for her.

Random fact- of all the modern blasters i've tested the spylight shot the hardest. Someone make a 9-dart drum  Laughing

Spylight is 6.99 in argos.,
Wonder if the Jase3d 9 shot cylinder will fit🤔

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