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Nerf Dreams

So then, how many of you dream about Nerf?

Last night I dreamt Boff was playing a zombie and chasing me, and I was holding my Apollo backwards so I could shoot behind me under my armpit, while still running forward. I remember him running really friggin’ fast, hence why I didn’t want to turn around to shoot because it’d slow me down.

Then I ended up at an organised event somewhere t’oop north that was held in a massive sports hall. There were no obstacles and play was limited to groups only being allowed to play within the pre-marked courts on the hall floor. There was even a Rival only game, but in that one you weren’t even allowed to move within the court: you just had to stand still and shoot each other.

I got kitted up with my tac gear, but couldn’t find any of my blasters, so I went back out to my car (which was a red Fiesta – I’ve never owned one), and found a brand new boxed Atlas in there; whereupon I remembered I’d stopped at TRU on the drive to the event because it was on offer for a fiver. When I opened it up there were about 100 HIR balls in there that spilled everywhere, and then I woke up.

Yeah, I know, pretty weird, but not the weirdest of dreams for me. Just wondered if I’m alone when it comes to dreaming about Nerf.

If you are dreaming about being pursued by Boff you definately need help.... (or you are Kev!)

I don't dream, as a rule so I can't speak for myself. However, I'm pretty sure you need help if you're being chased by me. A lot of help. Razz

Oh wow.... Having Zombied with Boff, you wouldn't want him chasing you.

This doesn't constitute getting a professional opinion you know... Smile

I hardly dream when I sleep. I save them for waking moments like when I'm looking for something and I'm late. Though she I do dream I control them so I would of totally owned zombie Boff. #JustSaying

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