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Nerf Hyperfire brief mod!

So due to the price drop of the Hyperfire, I decided to treat myself to one. Upon receiving the blaster I was execting the worst. However I found that for my hands the grip are was okay and the length wasn't too bad. I will agree that the performance is dismal in the stock set up. So after having the blaster for 30 minutes, I opened it up nd started modding.

There are no internal photos as it is pretty self-explanatory. The main feeds from and to the battery are 16awg, and the jumper leads to the switches and the pusher are all 18awg. For the circut I used MTB rapidstrike wiring set up. This is due to the lack of a pusher control microswitch. The motors for the flywheels are MTB Honeybagers and the pusher is the stock motor. This setup is okay in my opinion , the badgers do a good job of keeping up with the feed rate. Of course i am running it off of a 2S LiPo. The LiPo is a Turnigy Graphene 2S 65C-130C.

In the pictures you can see a Tactical Rail mounted to the right hand side of the blaster, this comes from a Rapidstrike side rail. I got this idea from Its a great use of the space and I think it looks quite natural. This was attached using Devcon (mostly for aesthetics).

I have also included 2 LED's in the magwell, these are run off of a Voltage Regulator, a small component with the same look as a MOSFET. I have to run 2 in serise as the voltage from the regulator (3V) is just tipping one LED to its breaking point. The two LED's are still extremely bright and light up the magwell nicely. They're so brigh infact that they can provide a small flashlight effect! The LED's are contolled by the original 'Jam Door' switch. This gives me a nice clicky switch on the top of the blaster. The LED's poke out from the baster through a hole which once accomidated a lock switch, the LED's could easily be replaced with UV LED's and could illuminate glow darts when paired with a clear mag.

Good idea to keep it on 2s, it's more predictable on that. The HB is probably ideal as a fly motor too, as 3s/rhinos just made darts flail everywhere. Well done.

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