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A shared uk repository for community groups? Hell yeah. With the knowledge that boff/oldnoob/uknerfwar/fdt bring, that's an instantly useful resource.

Justajolt, is there a chapel in that neck of the woods that you can put Robb in touch with?

In terms of other advice:
Koosh darts are cheaper than official ones. I tend to order from babygiraffe2006? On ebay, uk seller, really prompt delivery. Getting them from china is cheaper but take longer

Raid the school for boxes. Failing that, check out places like gooutdoors for big boxes.

Camo nets, cheap ones from china... drape them other the boxes/tables/chairs

Gumtree is your friend for cheap bundles of blasters

There could well be. I'll ask around to see if I can get RobbYouthWorker in touch...

I love the community knowledge repository idea - count me in!

old_man_nerf wrote:
...Should we have a shared repository somewhere for all the forms/game plans/organisational stuff we've done to save everyone reinventing the wheel each time a group is set up?...

It's a good idea, but surely that is what this forum is for?

This forum is great for knowledge and sharing enthusiasm but behind the scenes we have been using Google drive (and the associated chat/simultaneous document editing) to great effect to plan out how we want grim up Nerf to run and develop.

Apart from one of us maintaining that repository of information (game plans/war plans/waivers/etc) and granting permission to view it to all and sundry is there an alternative way in which we can store this stuff and make it accessible on line, rather than emailing it to each other (which is so 2015....)?

Good point.

Unfortunately I'm lost when it comes to software and stuff but I think this is a cracking idea. Perhaps we should start a new topic to work out what we need?

Could be a post with a link to a google doc?

old_man_nerf wrote:
is there an alternative way in which we can store this stuff and make it accessible on line...?

Probably. Let me have a think. This project should fold in nicely to a couple of other things I'm working on with regards to the wars front. A wiki wouldn't be too bad an idea and that allows for curated content with contributions from outsiders. The Google doc idea with the 'View' link shared in a stick thread might be another option as suggested. Smile

Wikis work too... could it be done through britnerf to keep it central?

We can create a wiki here. Not done it before but it's certainly possible.

It's Nike advert time...


Topic now not related to the original, so I started a whole new one for you! ON

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