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Nerf pricing?

So this is the first year I've actually monitored the price of Nerf blasters and I'm at a total loss as to how they work out their pricing.

Ok, I get that new blasters will cost more on launch and exclusives will be a bit more pricey but we've just seen Hyperfires go from 55 quid on launch (i think) down to 16.50 on offer in only a few months.

Then one minute a lawbringer is 35 quid, then 15, then back up to 35 again.

Is this pretty normal then?🤔

Alas, I have the same problem with you. Sometime I have to call a "correspondent" up to check if I'm getting ripped off or not - even then it's still a bit hazy.

Maybe It'd be worth it if a real nerfin' expert made a table of what is a "good" price for a blaster, used or new. I feel it'd benefit the community as a whole...


Pricing policy's pretty much pirates of the Caribbean.. take what you can.

I try to just get them as cheap as possible, generally 10 or less for semi auto/pistols and under 25 for autos or larger stuff. I nearly always start with a second hand blaster these days as all the new releases have been largely meh.

There have been some crazy discounts this year and Yep, I pretty much avoid paying full price ( I'm sure we all do) the only exceptions have been when a new blaster has been released very close to my sons birthday and he has expressed an interest in it.

Demand vs supply:
High demand on blasters with a good theme that actually work and are fun, means supply drops everyone keeps the price high. (eg original modulus)


Release 4 similar blasters that do not have the same magic and don't sell quick drop those prices! (other modulus).

New lines vs old:
Hyperfire comes out for the line a successor for the rapidstrike and we get a wonderful sale on rapidstrikes. Then no-one is buying hyperfires as they are terrible and ugly! Panic panic! Those 'premium' guns are huge and take up valuable prime shelf space and not selling!

In the UK you are paying the price in that they sell them for $ in the US.. so that is a 25% markup already. Some of that is VAT I guess.

These guns mostly cost around 10 bucks (8) to make and deliver based on the minimum prices I have seen. The make cost is complexity and shipping. So if you buy a modulus for 50 or get one on sale a year later for 20 they are still taking your money.

Enjoy the dips and buy those sales up but make sure it is only on the fun popular blasters! Keep an eye on the prices and the discount shops. Watching the new lines will tell you what they will put on sale next!

I bought some brand new Nerf blasters for 15-20 and resold them a few weeks later for 30-40 and I kept a few for basically free!

I also recently sold some second hand original modulus guns I got in a bulk order for over 25 which is somewhat crazy (for IMHO a poorly quality and heavy stryfe, with a few poor original accessories) but it is still selling strong this Christmas!

We'll I certainly feel that they mix a range of different pricing models and that almost certainly results in a depreciation of brand value. I wonder if Hasbro enforce a RRP.

That being said what would be most interesting would be knowing if wholesale prices have been constant during the period... If so then it is just down to retailers either needing to move stock or reacting to market pressures.

So what does it do to 2nd hand prices?

Hyperfires for less than a tenner now🤔

This is just me talking, but I always find second-hand prices inconsistent.

From personal experience, used guns are usually slightly overpriced (E.G 1 Used Centurion selling for 35/2.99 postage whilst a new one from toys r us cost 29.99/free postage)

However, there is the rare occasion when someone sells it for much lower than it's actual value (E.G getting a lightly used stryfe for 3.99/free postage). However, these sales usually get eaten up quite fast, so you gotta be quick. And have the money for it :/

This is just my personal views on it - your nerfing experience may vary! Wink

If you're looking for second hand blasters I've found that the cheapest places are shpock and local facebook selling groups. Prices are usually pretty low especially compared to Ebay and most people are willing to negotiate to a lower price than what they're advertising.

And of course sparky, we also have the wonderful people here at britnerf Smile

TBH it feels borderline random/nonsensical. Like, just look at the hyperfire- the current price shagging feels like overstock dumping but that doesn't fit since the 2 dart pack is a recent addition. So I suspect in this case it's just a vicious circle of discount-matching.

I just buy things for a price that seems right, you can't sweat it if it drops a little and you can't wait forever for the perfect deal. I paid 40 for my hype and tbh, it's annoying that i could almost get 3 for that price today but it doesn't make me regret it since i've been having fun with it for months.

Let's not get into used prices, nerfonomics make no sense  Laughing As soon as you realise that Raider drums are more expensive than complete raiders with a stock and a drum, you know what you're dealing with.

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