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Nerf Rival

So guys I was at last weekends GuN and was really impressed with the performance from the Rivals being used.
So my query is what's is person opinion's on the Rival range, if you already have one which one and why, if your thinking of getting one, again which one and why.

I personally was going to wait for the release of the new Nemesis but I suspect the release price will be high, so after briefly discussing Rivals with a few of the guys at GuN the Khaos was mentioned so I had a look (hadn't really looked before) and I must say oooooh looks good (Dam you Mr Crane).

I am a flywheel lover and quite like the mag version rather than the hopper.
But also whilst on the subject are spare Khaos mags available etc.
And finally are they modable? I know the obvious rewire and Lipo is the 1st step but what about replacement motors ?

You cannot replace motors, as the flywheels are fitted in such a way as to be non removable. Any more than 3s on stock motors puts the HIR supercritical anyway.
A rewire and lipo mod will do the job very well. Khaos mags are rumoured to few due out at approx 15 each. They are however bulky, slow to load and awkward to change. If you are bu ying a flywheel Rival then I would get an Out of Darts MK2 Hirricane kit for the zeus. Easily as good as a Nemesis and no dumb belt feed.

Also Rab asked almost exactly the same question just down the page.

Oh apologies looked down the page for similar sort of question but I must of missed Rab's earlier query.

I'll indulge you! I love the Artemis! It's the Rival blaster that makes sense to me as a front-loader user.

I really enjoyed using it at the last war.

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