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Nerf Shooting gallery.

Just looking for some advice if anyone has any. I've got a table at a smallish comic con event coming up and the organiser has asked if any of the vendors want to host a workshop or talk panel to get some extra activities going during the day. Usual things are drawing/painting workshops, cosplayers talking about costume building ext ext. But i've suggested a shooting gallery. The idea is I put up a gazebo in the corner of the hall to contain it all, a table at the end and then some targets in the gazebo to shoot at. The person having a shot will be handed a stock firestrike or sidestrike with three darts and a pair of goggles, they then get there three shots to hit whatever targets I have and maybe win a lollipop if they ace it. I might Starwars theme it and call it "Han Shot First" and have Greedo targets to hit with maybe a JarJar Binks and young Anakin thrown in for good measure. Will also be a good way to get some Nerf chat going and hand out some FDT flyers. Any suggestions? Probably won't be charging anything, just for fun.

Sounds like a fab idea. No need to hand players goggles though since it's pretty unlikely anything will be flying back (unless Greedo shoots first). Cosplayers will likely be wearing helmets or whatnot so insisting on goggle will cause delays.

I find those flimsy plastic masks you can get for kids parties work well for targets. You could suspend them from the gazebo or prop them up on a table. I saw some Stormtrooper ones in Poundland not long ago.

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