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Nerf STRYFE coloured drop in parts


Many know me from facebook and know how much I love Nerf.

Recently my thoughts have turned to drop in parts and add on's,with that in mind I have been looking at changing the colour of the stryfe internals and external moving parts.

I have been in talks with a local manufacturing company that is more than happy to help me out with the tooling and producing the parts but I need as much info on whether there is a market for them.

The info I have now is as follows -

-this will be a clean drop in product,no cleaning up.
-it will be made of plastic far Superior than the hasbro parts(he still has to email me what type he is using)
-price wise this will cost 20-30 a set depending on colour and quantity(clear and glow in the dark will cost more)
-price will cover postage in the uk
-he will not use cheaper plastics to drop the price

Any input would be greatly appreciated and I will keep an eye on this topic once every couple of hours.

(UKNERFWAR told me this was the best section to put this topic in)

Yes, yes and... yes!

That would be ace, purple or red would be awesome.

What parts would be included?

It's good to see another lover of purple.

Black will be the main colour on offer but I will be putting a list together of colours at a later date

Most likely black,10 other colours,clear and glow in the dark.


Parts included are

-front barrel
-jam door
-rev trigger
-mag release button
-attachment bump
-2 sling mounts


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Definitely a market for this IMO.  I'd be interested in several items on the list if they were available right now Smile

Yep I'd take some of this action too

If you get purple, ill buy everything!

Will parts be available individually or would you have to buy complete sets?

So far it will be as whole kits to start with.

I would not know how to price them as individual parts,plus I wouldn't want to be stuck with incomplete sets I can't sell

It would help if I knew the most popular individual parts to start with

I would take a complete set in clear and purple for definite Smile

White would be my preference - is that possible?

I will ask but I'm sure it will be

From what he was saying colours will bemore of an issue of what we won't do not what we can do

He showed me a colour chart that was bigger than dulux.

Glow in the dark plus UV LEDs is going to be amazing in the dark!
UK Foam

I'd be interested!

Good to see there is intrest if this goes ahead.

I have been gathering a lot of intrest from facebook and will be contacting a few more people but I won't lie,to make this a viable product I need to be selling 500-1000 units a year

The only other kit like this I can find requires cleaning up and a hole or two to be drilled,plus he is vague about the quality of the material he uses.i'm hope that mine being a drop in kit of higher quality (still to be confirmed) and cheaper will give me an edge

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