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Starfalcon Tactical

Nerf suppressor

SO the other day I was browsing in my local B&Q for a lightbulb (as you do) and i saw some PVC tubes. i thought "what is there was one that friction fits over an estrike attatchment point to make a super cool suppressor" so i went homw and came back with the fornt bit of a longshot i happen to be overhauling. (video coming up on the Starfalcon Tactical youtube channel) and found that 32cm PVC pipe coupler fits really tightly over the longshor muzzle so i bought some 32cm pipe and a few couplers. (they were about 1 each and 2 for the pipe)

I got home and cut 14cm of pipe and sprayed it black (and safety orange at the tip) and drilled some holes along it. and now i have a tight fitting super cool supressor which i can remove like a barrel attatchment! I reccommend checking out your local B&Q, Wickes and locally based plumbing stores. PLease let me know if it was just a local thing to me.

(please don't ask for links as I have searched extensively and could not find any) they are not screw fit ones thay just have a ring of rubber on the inside.

Could you show us a photo?

Are you able to post a few pictures of the finished article?

***Damn if I hadn't been sloppy with my typing I would have got in there first***

also wading in for pics..
Starfalcon Tactical

I have not clear costed it ant the paint is peeling because of this

You can cut it to the length you like

Inner diameter is very wide so there is no loss of velocity on the darts

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