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Nerf War in Birmingham: Millennium Point?

Hey all,

Posting this as a possible short-notice meet up

Was wondering, since the weather seems to be getting a bit better here, if anyone would be interested in a Nerf War (or at least some fun skirmishes) in Birmingham?  The park area outside the Millennium Point centre has plenty of room, isn't particularly busy with regards to the public, and has (some) varying terrain.  

Would be great, even if there were only a few people interested, to meet up, get food, trade, share knowledge and stuff!

Hope people in the Midlands might be interested, then we could sort out a date sometime in the near future!


I would possibly be up for that if you could have a think about dates and game types etc.

Brum is only 2 hours from me.

I'd certainly consider it, though it all depends on the date set as to whether I could.

I can make Brum. It is 40 mins away.

Aye Brum is not far away for me either, I'd be happy to make it

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