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Nerf war in Costessey, Norwich 27 june 2015

I am organising a Nerf war in Old Costessey, Norwich on the 27th of june

Anyone interested in attending please reply to this post with what you would bring and if you LARP

everyone welcome!

please note if no one replies the event may be cancelled Confused

Sorry guys, the events been canceled

This is frankly what is getting on my tits about the UK scene at the moment, nobody is doing anything about games. Cmon people, support these events by enthusiastic new organisers.
Admittedly some more shape/detail might encourage participation, but that is 3 events either cancelled or ignored  this year already.

Actually, I am really excited once I have read this, unfortunately it is too late to know that the sked is over. Can anyone make some post of videos or picture here regarding the flow of events? Smile


This thread is old, the event didn't run, consider this a warning, PLEASE DO NOT NECRO OLD THREADS

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