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Nerf wars in Kent

I am new to this forum so be gentle.

I am looking at Nerf wars in Kent and was looking at doing a evening shoot once a week. was looking at kids but also an Adult session Wink

So what are the normal age limits for these kind of things 16+ 18+? also what is the youngest you normally do, if people already do this kind of thing?
What are the average FPS limits on guns with mods as I am looking at getting a chrono for this reason.
and is there anything else you tell me. The idea is to have it one a  weekday evening inside too.
And can anyone put in the right direction for league rules? I have just fund this site and I will be having a good look around after this.

Re: Nerf wars in Kent

Pibby wrote:
I will be having a good look around after this.


Welcome to the forum, please see the Code of Conduct before posting. There's plenty here that will answer your questions if you bother to look look around or use the Searchmaster 9000 function. If you have more specific questions that people might be able to help you with, please feel free to post them. Generic sort of questions like the ones posted results in duplication. -Boff


Re: Nerf wars in Kent

Sorry for that!

However League rules I can not find, has anyone got any good ideas for league rules?

There's a great group in the Medway area who run regular events. Not managed to make it down there yet but from what I've seen, they're pretty damn good. They're based out of Woodies Youth Centre in Rochester but I think they use other venues in the area. I don't think they allow adults to play at the moment but there has been talks with the organiser about doing adult events too. Look for 'Nerf Wars Community' on Facebook.

Beyond that, there are a few companies that do really terrible parties. You could talk to them about hiring their inflatables if you want to do your own indoor events.

Otherwise I organise events (albeit rarely) in the Bexley area. Then there's the events in Hendon, North London.


Just reread the OP. Looks like you're trying to set up your own event.

Go to an event before you try to set up your own. if you try to jump straight in running a commercial event then it'll be shit. Start off small, test your rules and then you can grow after the initial play testing.

Depending on where you are, here's one regular player for your adult events.

I have played a lot of airsoft and I have attend gc, I also actually own my own inflatables (for my other business) the idea was to start off small and then grow. I have also found out the venue I was looking into is liking the idea. It is a laser tag site in Medway, it is on the small side. But I think it could be a rather good laugh with Nerf. it could even be every fortnight if it is popular.

Sounds good. Set a date and I'll try to make it down.

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