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Nerfchester model 6022

Finest Slingfire Ever?

I did a bit of work for CarrierII on his personal Slingfire, its running the BSUK 5kg spring internally, with metal gear pins added by me. The dip is woodgrain, the rest is trad dry brushing and gold leaf. Based on a picture Boff sent me of an old Winchester.

More images and descriptions on the Imgur album here.

All these are techniques I have shown before, just combined in a different way. I was pretty smug about the stock, I forgot too take pictures of the top and bottom seams, Boff might oblige if he gets a minute, they were particularly good. The wood dip only took 6 attempts this time!

We opened this last night in the kitchen and it was actually amazing to see. There was a moment of stunned silence and then stuff like "work of art", "legend" and my own "Fuck..." started bouncing around. It literally is a wonder to behold in the flesh. We've got quite a few examples of ON's work here in the office now but nothing comes close to this. Seriously, I can't praise this enough. CarrierII would like to convey similar sentiments. Very Happy

Now to cross post to the GC page and get UKNW and OldNoob buried in commissions....

No more wood dip. My sanity can't take it.
Always a pleasure to make something for someone I like who I know will appreciate it. You guys gave me the design, I just made it.
There are a few wrinkles in the base coat which appeared because I built the lacquer up too quick. I almost kept it another week to do those bits again.

OldNoob wrote:
I just made it.

Yeah, in the same way that Spud 'just' makes world leading bespoke Nerf tactical gear. You're both disgustingly talented so shut and take people's money.... Razz
The Dark Kitten

What to say? It's too pretty!

Just a compliment on the time and energy that's gone into getting that skilled. That's dedication. I'm very impressed!

The Slingfire is one of my favorite blasters because I love the action. I just hate the paint job. This however, this is spot on! Great work!

Amazing work. Just pure beauty.

Glad you all liked it! Still surprised at the response this generated, I felt it was pretty low key. I did a few bits to give Carrier II some bragging rights and the wood was mainly about the technical challenge and some more practice.
A matching Hammershot has been suggested so when Carrier II's birthday rolls around we know what to get him. Maybe with a 7 shot cylinder.

Psst... 2nd November gives you plenty of time. Razz

You guys get the parts, rest is my part of the present.

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