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Nerfing Overseas?

So I've just found out my brother in law who lives in Spain has bought a load of Nerf Guns and is hosting battles around his complex with his sons and any guests who come visit his house.

Im scheduled for a visit over there next year and fancy taking my blasters over to destroy them all (of course i wont tell them they are modified)
What do we know about travelling with blasters clips and darts people ?

They need to go in the hold, not hand luggage and you should send the lipo separate or tell them it's there. Send at storage voltage. Springers should be fine, again hold luggage. All are toys. Some people don't like trusting high value modded blasters to baggage handlers so they courier them instead. Again you can send battery in courier shipments if it's contained within the device and you tell them.

Im in Slovakia and I found one of the Desert Eagles Drac did a review on for cheap, and I hope to send it by post. So far, its one of the best ways I have tried, at least for small items. For larger shipments (Maybe 15kg+) I would say that you should look into small shipping companies. These are people who will gladly take these parcels for cheap, take them over the border in a large van, and then deliver around the destination country. Shipping times are usually 1-1 1/2 weeks. Watch out - these people only travel on certain dates, usually once or twice a month, and pick up your parcel around the time they are due to leave. They're cheap, effective and your supporting small businesses, so bonus karma points.
Other than that, as ON said, plane hold. Even though the airport security services are a joke, they and the laws and regulations they enforce are stll there, so firearms, even imitations (e.g. Nerf), are not allowed on board the aircraft. DO NOT PLACE THEM IN YOUR HAND LUGGAUGE. You may get fined, or even worse. An airport security X-Ray luggage scanner cannot tell the difference between an actual gun and Nerf.
The airport people may also scan your hold luggague, so be sure to mark the Nerf guns as toys if your packing them in bubble wrap or similiar packaging (same with post).

PS: Trust me, I know, Ive been going on planes 12 times a year since the  age of 6.

I've bought blasters when abroad and brought them back to the UK no issue, just popped them in my hold luggage. As for batteries they must go in your hand luggage Lipo or Nimh, flight companies also recommend taping the end of the connection leads to prevent against short circuits while in flight. I recently traveled to Greece and had my Nimh battery in my bag while this raised a few eyebrows while going through the scanners once I explained what it was they were fine. As for Lipo it would be wise just to make sure the airline you plan to fly with, even though you should be Ok with a battery under 100 Watt hours.

Think Ill stick with Springers just t make it easier

Scanners can happily tell the difference between plastic and metal/ceramics. Interesting point about carry packs in hand luggage, I was unaware of that since I ship most of my stuff without batteries.

^^^ come to think of it i have heard Drac say batteries in hand luggage before

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