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Nerfing... BGUK style...

So, hopefully you've seen the footage from Justajolt on the Grim Up Nerf youtube channel, which covers our Freeze Tag round, and cuts between his head cam, and Bertha's guncam footage. In it, you'll see Berth totally outclass every other blaster (thanks OldNoob!) and get some great tags at distance... and close up... (poor kids...)

That footage is here:

But, as some of you know, I have a rare eye condition that means I see 6 of everything, all the time. It never gets better than 6, but does get a lot worse. Its something i've had since birth, learnt to live with, and has some benefits: even a cheap box of firewors looks like a professional display to me, and super models legs go on and on and on and on and on and on and on... Smile

But whats it look like for me when nerfing?

Its hard to comprehend when described, and even this video i've made doesn't do it justice, but it's an interesting experiment, and one I hope you enjoy and think, "man, that dude is awesome at Nerf" rather than "oh crap how does he live seeing that" (the answer is, by feeling sick all the time and having a constant headache)

So here is Grim Up Nerf 6, Freeze Tag Round, as I saw it...

will take a look at this once i'm not blocked by the work firewall!

Spoiler warning: it'll make you feel sick like Blair Witch Project did.

My favourite bit is around 50 seconds in, where you can't see the guy at the end of the corridor i'm shooting at

I was trying to work out how you hit him! You might be developing Daredevil like powers...

OldNoob wrote:
...developing Daredevil like powers...

As long as its not Affleck's daredevil - he sucked!

His powers included pulling Jenifer Lopez, so something must of worked.

This is an amazing insight thank you so much for sharing.

So wen you watch this back do you see 36 of everything?
Bro I salute you it's amazing you hit anything in Nerf

Question for you though, how do you know which picture to focus on ?

Today is a bad day, i'm seeing about 11 images at once, due to psuedo focusing, so watching that video back is basically a blur

In terms of which to focus one, thats one of those things that makes me one of 15 in the world. Double vision isn't that uncommon, but most sufferers naturally learn to suppress the extra images. The 15 of us in the world with this condition see all the images, all the time, and they are equally real.

So whereas you see the 6 images overlaid and it looks a mess. my brain see's all 6 layers individually and clearly AND simultaneously sees them on top of each other.

That is to say, taking 2:02 as an example, that my brain select the blaster from 1 image, the hand from another, the hoodie from another, the head from another, the glasses from another... Anoything that is distinct and can be focused on, can be viewed from any of the 6+ images, and is not necessarily consisitant, so the hand on that blaster might be six inches away...

And the focus switches, one second the hand might be six inch away, the next 2 inches the other side...

(if you can comprehend how that feels, then you're doing better than most of the 17 consultants i've seen over the last 17 years)

So watching total recall you'd see 18 mutant boobs?! Blimey.

Lets just say, I don't watch 'adult movies' because they become like a pigs udders...

At least you have 6 wives and can choose the best lookin

Hats off to you man. I had double vision for a time following a head injury and it drove me nuts. You are a greater man than I for staying chipper all these years.

I wasn't always this chipper about it. There was a point when they gave me a diagnosis of 10 years good sight before rapid decline (it lasted about 14 years) when I hit a dark place and bear the scars accordingly.

End of the day, I live with it day in day out, and it's not going to get any better. I could either sit in a corner and cry (I do on the REALLY bad days with upto 29 images), or I can go out and laugh about it, and enjoy the fact that it takes a top tier blaster like Bertha to make me remotely comparable to the rest of you.

Has anyone counted how many times I fire without a clear image of what i'm shooting at?

This is a really good insight. It is also really good that you can talk openly about what you have been through.

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