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Flint McCrae

New barrel and aluminium cages for my Rayven

In the last update on my brushless Rayven project I was struggling with x-tip waffle darts.

The advice I received here was spot on - it was down to friction with the brass barrel.  Thanks guys! So I've replaced the barrel with a looser fitting item, this time made from aluminium, which I've lined with some Ebay PTFE tube.  Internal diameter is 14mm, which seems to work really well.

While I was at it I made some other changes.  I've seen a lot of discussion about the advantages of aluminium cages, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I got a set CNC'd by Protolabs, the design is based on the previous 3D-printed ones.  Eye wateringly expensive, but they do look nice.  Should help with heat dissipation too.

I'm also trying out a brushless-powered dart pusher.  This hasn't worked out so well,  I'm encountering cycle-control issues so I'm going to have to re-think it.  Faster than the stepper-motor on full auto though.

I only had ten unused x-tips left, with these I measured an average muzzle velocity of 164fps. So a huge improvement.  

After that I tried with some Koosh, and saw some really big numbers - which made me wonder if, with a slight tweak to the dart crush, I could crack 200fps.

Here's how I got on ...


WOW This scares the living $%^& out me!

Well done this thing is a beast! Glad BB has a 130fps limit just in case you show up!

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