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Gavinfuzzy has leaked this picture, showing an Accustrike blaster, which is rubbish in itself but rumours are around of a new Hasbro honeycomb tip dart. This could be the start of a new line.

Original info from Nerfsingapore, so props to them.

Picture album here.

Note crap bolt action Spectre and horrible front end, but other blasters in the line might not suck so hard.

Speculated design of darts. Rumour fuelling courtesy of Gavin again!

I bloody knew it! If the rumours are true then I'm 3 for 3 with my speculations being correct.

I actually really like this blaster. Fingers crossed there's some more awesomeness in the range.

Function wise it looks not the best but I do like the look of the shell, it's a crazy mash up integration of several older shells Very Happy

Suppose a turret sniper is better than a single shot sniper

I like the shell, I just wish it had been magazine fed or maybe the drum from a Fearless Fire/Incisor

That stock design looks like they copied the Rayven stock. Interesting! I definitely like the aesthetics, even if it looks like it won't be terribly war practical.

I know I'm easily pleased but I think that's frikkin awesome. Obviously yes would be better if it was magfed but what a shell!

Been wondering about the darts- it's obvious that they've run into some hard limits with regulation and performance and this sort of wobbly-ended deal has been cropping up everywhere, so it wouldn't be too surprising to find they're based on a hasbro product that's inbound. Guess we'll see.

Can Nerf even sustain this many lines?
daniel k

So, if Nerf had to kill one line to get this line started, what would it be?

Looks awesome, probably not the big performer though.
Dyou think its genuine? 🤔

Anyway, if I had to dump a line,  hmm,  Rival maybe

daniel k wrote:
So, if Nerf had to kill one line to get this line started, what would it be?

Zombie strike, sick of looking at their new half-baked nonsense.

I'd kill off the nstrike elite line. It serves it's purpose, and the less said about the turn that is the hyperfire, the better.

Accustrike gives you the strike part of the name and suggests to buyer these are better than the elite line. Serves no purpose to have an 'elites' line and a 'accurately' line

Leaves youbwith:
Zombie strike, fun designs for preteens
Rebelle, sleek designsarketted at girls
Mega, BIG blasters
Rivals, safe paintball

The only lines I don't get are doom lands and alien menace. Post apocalyptic  but not really, and alien organic, suppose that is aimed at young boys?

Shell looks great but overall not very practical

I think we could see the phase out of elite or zombiestrike if this is the case but hasbro is a big company so actually could afford to keep all the lines going especially as we are only giving us one or two new blasters for each line a year anyway

I like the look of this, if not the blasters function. As BGUK says, faze out the Elite line and have this line replace it... bring out a newly styled stryfe (no stupid features) and I'll be a happy bunny!

Yes, agreed, elite distance shooting blasters should now be the basic standard so no longer making them 'Elite' So they could ditch the N Strike and Elite lines and launch a new base line of blasters. New 'Accurate' darts might be nice as well, we shall see Very Happy

The Modulus line is beginning to do a good job of fulfilling the role of the Elite line, so the Elite line could be discontinued without leaving a hole.

With regard to the 'honeycomb' darts that people are talking about, I recently bought some of these from Evilbay. I haven't done any extensive testing but they appear to shoot at least as well as elite darts and have less of a sting than FVJs. Are we thinking along these lines?


That is a clone of the Knex dart. Not bad but not as good as Koosh. Anything stings less than FVJ, even Voberry and those are horrible.
I suspect the () Hasbro dart will be similar. The design gets around the need to have a collapsible tip to absorb energy whilst still keeping centre of mass forward. It's a logical development from elite darts. They still won't replace Koosh as they will be 10 for 30 which is robbery. Knex darts have been similarly expensive.

Given that I tend to look at releases from a "would it look good in a larp" perspective, it has its charms to me. A noticed continuation of the it kinda looks like it could be from whatever video game that has been popular in the last six to twelve months style.

Looks great but you couldn't duct tape it to your arm...

Am I the only one that doesn't like the look of this....bit like the desolator.....


Man, this looks terrible!

Looking at the barrel of this it seems to fire from the top chamber of the cylinder, but i just noticed that you can see through the slot for the bolt action. Which is directly behind the top chamber of the cylinder, so where is the plunger tube?

What about the other 3 blasters that Drac had some crappy pictures of?

The strongarm(ish) pistol, another ZS crossbow and the clear shot pistol looking thingy


I like it. And so I'm going to take the advice of that great Nerf modder, Beyonce- if you like then you should put a rapidstrike in it. Oh oh oh.

Props to the guys in Singapore for getting us a sneak peek. But I don't like the look of this at all. Aesthetically displeasing to my eye and looks impractical to war with. I concede that it would have its uses for LARP and cosplay.

What do we think to the new dart design?

From the one grainy image we have seen there isn't really a lot we can say. My guess is that the tip material is more dense than the vinyl used on elites, but the structure is designed to absorb the impact. Hopefully the foam itself will be more dense.

We can only speculate.

I have conclusive evidence that the changes Hasbro have made to the Specter Rev-5 make a massive difference.

The test is right there for all to see.

You are not right my friend.

Re the darts, I hope they remove the hole in the side- that'll revive the "hole in the dart" bullshit for a new generation

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