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New blasters?

This just popped up in my facebook feed.

New clip fed Accustrike and the holy grail select fire blaster Very Happy

So the Raptorstrike looks like it's everything the Centurion wanted to be. Hopefully the performance will be better then that of the Centurion though; or at least lend itself to modding better than the Centurion. Not convinced on the looks with all the cutouts; particularly those towards the rear.

The Mega Twinshock is a cool idea, but having seen that video on YouTube it looks horrendously large for what is essentially a Mega Roughcut 2x5.

The Regulator looks.... interesting? They've taken the Modulus ECS10 stock and fixed the stability issue, but made it a touch shorter by the look of it. The barrel attachments look interesting. The scope... well, a scope's a scope at the end of the day, and a Nerf scope is just tacti-cool ornamentation.

But the select fire mechanism sounds fun, but quite complex. I mean, an IR unit to count darts for a production kids toy? The question will be, for us at least, how does it hold up to modding? Will it be a simple rewire and slap a 2S in there to get a simple upgrade, or will it be top tier only?

I quite like the square and bulky profile of the body, as it gives a nice base to build onto, but the grip guard looks crap. Each to their own of course.

And you'd hope that given the Modulus line colour scheme is white and neon/lime green that they're not going to release it with the blue in the picture!

I like the new silhouettes even though the RaptorStrike looks as if it's a recon on the end of a long stick.

Twin shock is screaming to be master keyed under an upside down Mastadon for me... But then mummy always said I was special.

The regulator looks pretty cool. The scope seems to also be a barrel attachment? Which also means you could tacrail other blasters to it, if you wanted a really wobbly masterkey. I'm quite easily pleased tbh, I can find something to like in pretty much all blasters but this looks like a good 'un. And hopefully no skeleton grip! But I think a lot of people will be upset about what seems to be a hyperfire-style firing mech.

I'm struggling with the shape of the twinshock tbh, but it's still cool. And the strike-strike-strike still isn't the elite longstrike I want but I still like it.

I'll probably end up owning all of these... But I think of the three it's the raptorstrike I'm most interested in.

Yes hopefully there will be a decent plunger tube and mod potential in the Raptorstrike, looks like there is plenty of room in it and hopefully not the recoil style of the centurion. Regulator I like the look of and would definitely buy for out the box select fire and again hopefully there will be scope for improvement on it. Not overly fussed about the twin shock but I'm sure it will be fun, most big mega blaster are that if nothing else Very Happy

I'm quite looking forward to the modulus regulator with it's select fire option!!!!  Will be interesting how mod'able it will prove to be?

Got to be happy they got rid of the green. Love the colour scheme and looks!

The modulus regulator looks very interesting. The barrel attachment confused me at first.

Is the scope actually a display for darts left and the barrel attachment with the sight/stalk is the dart counter? Maybe it uses IR light fired back to the display? That's a pretty good way to do a wireless modular ammo counter.

Lets face it stock select fire plus modular wireless ammo counter that works is pretty much 'take my money!!' territory

Looks like Hasbro has been watching!

Based only on reading the blurb in the link, it doesn't sound like the Regulator comes with a usable ammo counter, only that it has an internal one to control the burst fire. Still pretty cool, but...

Saw this the other day over on reddit

Double drum, pump action and a heat seekung scope !

Wowsers 😎

Not too bothered by the scope unless I could take it apart and integrate it into a blaster and get it to activate an LED on the shell but I quite like the front section of the blaster.  Could have some LED fun with all that grill at the front

Yeah , that shell is pretty sweet reminds me of a tac'd up pump action retal.

That double drum will be awesome for the skate park.

But an infra red sight@ cant wait to go all predator in the house 👽

If you could link it to an LED on the shell then you could point around the corner and just wait for it to light Smile

The scope functionality is kind of cool. The scope itself is orrible.

Not sure about the blaster, I kind of like the shape but not quite. Not having a trigger-hand clipdrop is annoying, and the pump's very close to the clip so I reckon it might interfere. But still, cool!

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