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New game ideas - get creative!

My view is most (if not all) films have some form of Nerf subplot in them that can be turned into a Nerf based game. This is your opportunity to get creative and suggest how you'd like to see them played. Don't worry too much about the details, we can iron those out later.....

My starter for ten;


Elsa has frozen all of Arendale with her misused magical powers. Your team’s job is to destroy the ice palace where her magic emanates from.

To destroy the palace and rid her of her magical powers you must hug Elsa to prove to her that true love conquers all.

Defending the palace is Elsa with her ‘frozen’ Nerf blaster - if you hit by one of her magic darts you are frozen to the spot for a count of 20 seconds. Elsa can be stunned for 2 seconds by a dart, so if you are going to hug her be quick!

She also has ‘Marshmallow’ - her ice monster - who doesn’t have a blaster but if they tag you you are frozen for a count of 20 seconds. Marshmallow is immune to normal darts but can be stunned for 5 seconds by mega darts and missiles.

So go for it - suggest away. Extra points will be awarded for the use of Bridget Jones Diary or Four Weddings and a Funeral  Very Happy


We've experimented with PvP and HvZ rules for this and they both work but need some tweaking.

HvZ - If a player (marine) is tagged by an alien you are taken to the nest. After 2 minutes you turn into an alien. If you are rescued by a friendly player within those two minutes then you remain as a marine.

If the refs are feeling particularly mean, they can release a queen alien who is basically dart proof.

PvP - Alien team have unlimited respawns. Same rules as above but the Queen alien is always in play. If the Marines kill the Queen they win. The alien team simply has to wipe out the marines.

The Matrix, Lobby scene

Requires a room with plenty of cover and 2 doorways, Neo & Trinity starting in an open area must make their way from the first doorway(metal detectors) to the second (lift) without getting hit more than a certain amount of times. They aren't allowed to reload so must carry as many blasters as they can. Guards starting from cover are allowed to scrounge darts and reload using any mags they may have, but are out after a single hit (if you've got hardly any guards they can have extra lives but must go to a spawn point to refresh).

Thumbs up for the Aliens game from me Smile

All 3 sound like fun, would definitely try and build an OOD zeus with backpack feed for the matrix run 😊
How about dodgeball using missiles or a hunger games style free for all with limited weapons which have to be found first


We used to play a game called Rambo (sometimes refereed to as super soldier or Saxon Hale), one player kits up with what ever blaster they like with lives = 0.5X the amount of players, all other players have single shots and much track down the other player.

Mad Max Fury Road

One team gets a single RC car with a way of catching darts in the back (bucket, bowl, etc.) when a dart is shot into it the vehicle loses a life, the number of lives is equal to the number of opposing team members. The opposing team each have there own rc car with only one life once their car is tagged they're out. If a player is tagged they cannot move (either themselves or there RC car) for 30 seconds.

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