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New Game Ideas

That's right, NEW twists or game types only, NOT just the same old links or other people's games.

Here's my new twist on an old classic.

Title: Monster Munch Death Match

Equipment: 2+ teams, Face paint for team colours or bandanas etc, 1 pack of monster munch or snack of choice for EACH TEAM. Clear indicator of spawn points.

Rules: Pour your snack of choice in a bowl, ensure (roughly) equal numbers of snack in each bowl. Place snacks at the spawn point. Every time you get tagged, instead of spawning or "losing a life" you go to the spawn point and eat a single snack, then you have respawned and can go back to the game!

Victory Conditions: When your team runs out of snacks, you lose! Whichever team is left with snacks in their bowl when all the others have run out wins.

I like that one, would get around the kids who kept getting shot well past their life limit.

For Grim Up Nerf, we have a games list that looks similar to the Nerf Haven one, and are going to try a new one each event to see how it goes.

Could do this one with rice crispies for a longer game. Or grains of sugar.

We played a game recently that we invented whilst drunk. It actually works pretty well when sober too.

The game was called "Top Hat". Two teams, one at either end of the hall. Each player has a plastic cup (empty is preferable) on their head and the object of the game is to reach the other end of the hall without the cup falling off or being "removed" by an opposing player. If a player loses their cup they have to go back to the start and try again. Holding the cup on your head incurs a penalty.

I've found that it's a great game for slowing things down if it all gets a bit manic. Kids love it because it's a bit silly and it encourages them to be a little more tactical. Plus it levels the playing field if you're a slower, more Rubenesque player such as myself.

Another one we play (one of my favourites) is "British Bull Dog". Anyone who has ever been to school can probably guess the rules of this one. One or two players are 'it' and have blasters, the rest are unarmed. The idea of the game is for the unarmed players to get from one end of the hall to the other without getting tagged. Once tagged, a player grabs a blaster (ideally single shot) and joins the others in the centre of the room.

We found that this works best if the 'catchers' do not move once the other players are moving. It reduces the risk of collision whilst making it a tiny bit harder for the catching team.

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