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New game ideas

Didn't know if I should start a new thread or necro this one
But I've thought of an idea to start off the day.

It's a new take on supply drop where it effects the rest of your day depending on how well you do.
Each team starts with one box of darts to share, this is all the ammo they get and when it runs out they have to resort to scavenging used darts. Once the game starts the teams will be able to collect more boxes of ammo which can either be all in one place or distributed in different areas that they will also need to locate. The morethey getthe more they have to use the rest of the day, this can be especially useful for wet days where dry darts will be crucial for those running flywheel blasters.
UK Foam

Hope this isn't a necro post by myself.

I like this game idea and intend to try it out at Bristol Blast. I'll let you know how it goes


Please don't necro old posts. If you have to clear the 'this thread is old' notice then you're probably doing it wrong. Threads that have been dead for two weeks shouldn't be posted to unless you have significant information to add. In this case it would be "Hey, I played this and it worked out like this but we need to change this" for example. -Boff

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