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New Game Type - The Terminator

Evening people,

This is following on from the BH Discord Chat thread, following OMN's advice about discussing potential new game types.  I had a quick look at the GuN website, and I was very inpressed - here's a plug for it: Click Here!

Anyway, I was a liitle bitter and disappointed, as the game I was thinking about felt very similar to their "Predator" game.

However, L11 and I have been discussing this since the last Bristol Blast and we both think it's different enough to warrant talking about a little further.  Hence this post, and the possible discussion on the Discord Chat.

So after seeing how the GuNners have outlined their game types, I've followed something loosely similar.  What we are trying to find out before we test this (hopefully at the next Bristol Blast), is how can we fine tune this game to make it better or please tell us that something like this has been tried before and has failed (preferably with a reason).

Game Type - The Terminator

Players = 1 Terminator vs 9 Grunts (the more Grunts, the more Terminators: 2 v 18, 3 v 27, etc)
Objective = Destroy the Terminator
Game Duration = 15 minutes

The Terminator is armed with a fast firing, modded blaster and as many dart mags as it can carry (there will be an ammo dump somewhere that the Terminator can use to safely restock – max restock time is 30 secs).  Where available the Terminator may carry a shield for additional protection.

Grunts are allowed to carry only frontloading pistols (perhaps springers with a mag – this is debatable).  Grunts have unlimited respawns, but respawn point must be as far from the Terminators ammo dump as can be).  Socks and Mega Darts stun the Terminator for 3 seconds.  

The Terminator will be wearing a brightly coloured disc on their chest – hit this with a standard sized dart (socks and Mega darts are not effective) to destroy the Terminator and end the game.  If a standard sized dart hits anywhere else, the Terminator yells an appropriate expletive and continues on their merry way.

The only problem with that is that if all the grunts move as a group, the terminator is going to be tagged. If the grunts last long enough so tagged people can respawn and get back to the skirmish, the terminator has no hope of lasting.

We actually have a Terminator game type, that we haven't run yet:

Name Terminator

Outline A Terminator has been sent out to hunt John Conner. The Terminator does not know who John Conner is and must work out who is being protected by the resistance and terminate them. The resistance must create a bomb and plant it in SkyNet to destroy the terminator.

Number of teams One (or two?) terminators. One (unknown to the terminators) John Conner. Everyone else is the resistance

Size of teams Depends on numbers of players

Objective The terminator(s) must tag John Conner to win, or prevent the Resistance from destroying SkyNet in 15 minutes. The resistance must protect John Conner and build the bomb to destroy SkyNet

Respawn points Terminators are stunned for a count of 5 when tagged. The resistance have a respawn point away from the main building

Winning The resistance keep John Conner alive for 15 minutes. The resistance destroy SkyNet. The Terminator(s) shoot John Conner.

Time limit 15 minutes

Equipment needed Some form of 'bomb' or parts of a 'bomb' - pieces of pipe or particular cardboard boxes?

Dusty, Newportnerfer and I did talk about the terminator being rushed, remember that the grunts will have limited firepower and need to hit a fairly small target. The terminator will also have some form of a sheild for protection. But I know what you are saying if someone gets a lucky shot in its game over fairly quickly.

I think we need to give it a shot at the next Bristol Blast, if it works and is fun great, if it's rubbish.... well we tried.

Dang. I'd forgotten we'd discussed that one 😚. Still, a discussion about game ideas would be good on Monday.

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