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New Loadout video

Think I have the format nailed but open to ideas - this time we have an FDT veteran FINST3R:

Good video. He mentioned that he did Sidestrike at the Mod Shop/Party that you run, but a bit of info that could've been added to the video is whether or not he did the work on the Stryfe.

I think this one came out really well.

I agree that more detail about the Stryfe could have been given, but on the other hand, it's short and snappy, and if he'd done the work himself, he'd probably have mentioned it.

Adding the side arm mod from the Mod-shop is a nice touch, as hopefully other kids will see this, and it will create interest.

I like the fact it's filmed in the skatepark, with people running around in the background.

9/10  Laughing

Yeah its good, he's a natural in front of the camera.

Knows his way around his kit, was putting it to good use during the games too.

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