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Andy Mc

New 'nerfer' help needed for sites

Hi All

I (myself and my son) are new to Nerfing, as far as Intro's are concerned:
I'm an avid airsofter for some time now, and because of my passion there, my son has developed a keen sense of guns so to speak, so he now has a bundle of Nerf guns, My son Konnor is 10yrs young and is autistic, generally we  shoot around the house or in the back garden.

My question is are there any dedicated Nerf war sites where I can take him on the weekends? we are based near Heathrow (Berkshire), I have googled it and am really struggling to find a site, from the looks of it people create adoc Nerf games all over the place, but I would like to take him somewhere safe to try it out with other people, or if there are some local games where people are prepared to play with a disabled child then that's also fine.

Would appreciate any advice on the topic please, He totally loves the sport and I would love to get him more involved!


Hi Andy,

I'm sure that others on the site will be willing to point you in the right direction, but the only London based events I'm aware of are the Hendon wars that Davidov organises.  But as I've not attended one of his, I can't say what it's like in terms of being child friendly - I'd imagine it is.

There are other events all over the place, and I'm sure there will be one local to you.  As far as I've seen and experienced at events everyone is very welcoming and you and Konnor would be right at home there.  There are some modded blasters at events, and I know that some of the games are for older children and adults only because of this.

If you are ever going to be in Bristol, check to see if a Bristol Blast event is on, and come along.


The only regular event I know of in the South East is the 'Nerf Wars Community' running out of Woodies Youth Centre in Medway (Rochester I think). Probably a 2hr drive for you but they're very good. The events are organised and run by the kids (with help from the youth workers) and it looks like a hoot!

Failing that, you could look into starting your own at a local community centre/sports hall. I'm sure the lad has some friends that would be game and you can use your airsoft experience to help marshal the games. More faffy than just turning up and shooting at stuff but I'm sure it would be quite rewarding.

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