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The Dark Kitten

New Rival blasters (Are they budget?)

So a new offering from our beloved masters Hasbro.
Instead of chasing swirly darts we are given a somewhat solid springier in the rival category.
This appears to be the EAT in ball shooting and copping Out Of Darts tube style operation (minus the blower).

Now i can tell you now the magazines are internal as it is quoted to hold 30 balls.
This leaves us to guess how the heck you load this thing.
The 3 barrels suggest it to be a 3 shot blaster but again like we know.
My guess it that it has some over complicated design that means it fires one at a time. I beleive this as it is quoted to fire at 100fps instead of the 80 the Apollo was, leading me to think it is single shooting.
Now...30 balls....internal mag....$45 so 45...
This seems very very good.
No need to buy extra magazines. And can be used as a run and gun blaster.
Furthermore it isn't super pricey. A win win for me.

So what do you people think?

EDIT - Tis slam fire aparently

Looks like it could have a hidden 4th barrel on the far side.  Also, loading could either see the "mag" come out completely, or have a back door.

I'm not fussed on the looks, but glad it has a proper priming handle.

It looks really awkward but I get the feeling that might be function over form. I literally just this week decided to dump all my rival stuff as "not propa Nerf man" but that's actually cool.

Someone said it on reddit but if I had one of those, I'd want a horizontal grip for it  Laughing The anti-vertical-grip fightback starts here!

Trying to judge the dimensions..  I know the Rival grips are big but the length can't be that much whereas the width has got to be pretty considerable..  Maybe shoebox size minus grips?

Not been overly impressed by the rival blasters so far, to be honest.

But this chunky little flak cannon of a gun with massive capacity  ..Want..

As for reloading I am hoping there is a generous non-fiddlly access door on the left side we cannot see allowing you to easily reload as you go. Otherwise that would be a deal breaker.

Nice 45 degree grip mod for comfort may be good, but it looks great as is!

I am thinking slightly longer and just as wide as a nice fat Lumitron?
The Dark Kitten

I'm thinking at the moment that a BSUK stock mount needs drilling on the back.
The grip is defiantly in debate but i believe like the rotofury hasn't had a full work over yet so i think this will be the same for this one.
daniel k

cannot wait till it is a 90 Toys R Us exclusive for 6 months! But this looks very good, and is a reason to buy rival. Also Walcom wants it, so I cannot wait to see what he does with it.

Looks like it might open just behind the cylinder housing thing, possibly break action, allow you to pour the rounds in ?

Still not fussed for rival 🙄

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