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Ill just leave this here

Finally a Rivals blaster that I like! I am definitely buying one of these.

These look really good. I like the easy loading mags, decent size blasters. This is the most appealing blaster from the Rival line for me so far.

It looks awesome but the range is pretty poor and internals look over complex and using gears.

Check this video out -

Good video from nerm and foambrewer again, after the khaos one which was unwatchable.

I was holding off getting rivals until I saw the khaos and atlas, and the atlas looks to be everything I wanted it to be, good looking, and decent performance
The Dark Kitten

I'm definatly digging the springer Rival blasters even more now.
I am very tempted to invest in Rival now especially since the aftermarket for Nerf has become even more rival friendly.
As soon as the prices dip I'm definatly getting an Apollo.


These look sweet. Definitely time to cut back on the armoury to get some of these.

Someone will print a nicer mag realise button soon enough

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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