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New to Nerf and could use some advice

Sorry if there's already a similar topic but I couldn't find any.  
I'm looking to get started with Nerf, I've done paintballing, laser tag and air soft before but the idea of being able to get a group of mates together and go over the forest shooting each other sounds more fun than the activities listed above.
If anyone can give me some advice on where to start in terms of good starter blasters and accessories etc. It would be much appreciated.
Also if anyone knows of any wars in the London/Kent/Essex area I'd love to go and watch get a feel for it and hopefully get involved once I'm set up with my gear

Davidov is having a war in Hendon this coming weekend - not sure how far that is from you?  Most wars have loaner blasters available so you can try them out to decide what sort you like.

SIDE NOTE : This would fit better in new members.

For starter Nerf in my opinion you need:

Duct tape and Cardboard mag holder, A decent primary, at least 1 extra mag and a belt for mag holder.

A step up from that would be a double/triple miranda BSUK 18 holder + mags for it, a decent mag fed primary, good sidearm(Strongarm and hamershot are your best bets) and holster for your sidearm.

My personal load out is quite complex but good, 1 stock rapid strike with extended mag release, 3x18 dart  mags in a duct tape holder and dual hammer shots in homemade fabric holsters.

Decent blasters include, XD Rapidstrike(normal one jams a ton), Elite Alpha Trooper, stryfe or any semi-auto flywheel blaster so, cam, modulus, demolisher, elite rayven(hard to get) and desolater(impossible to get). Some people also like the retaliator but i dont personally.

There are a few wars in london such as this one,

Do some research before you go buying anything i have listed here because I don't want to have to take responsibility for you buying something you don't like.

Hope this helped Smile

Don't bother with the Modulus, Rayven or the Nerf Cam (especially this one) because they are not good and the Stryfe is the same to all of them but without the gimmicks.

Blastersmiths UK (BSUK) does the best mag holders and holsters you can get but they are quite expensive (they are made by hand).

Thanks guys I'll do some more research and try to get to the war in Hendon this weekend

Check out this thread for how to gear up for games.

Thanks for linking the how to gear up thread- this is just the sort of thing it was written for.

Sparky- Unlike other "combat sports" kit requirement is almost nil, all you need for Nerf is-

1- Sense of fun- whilst some people may have oodles of tac gear and ridiculous modded blasters we ALL do this because playing with toys is fun.
2- Safety specs- Nobody likes a dart in the eye.
3- Foam dart blaster- Doesn't have to be expensive or modded, buy a Strongarm, Hammershot, a pile of jolts or ask the event organiser for a loaner.

Once you have played a few games, that's the time to buy your first primary.

My advice for anyone wanting to give Nerf a try is to go out and buy a cheap blaster, something like a strongarm or a stryfe (Stryfe's are usually about 15 and will require batteries) and have a mess around with it. If you find yourself enjoying it, mess around some more!

No need to go out and buy lots of gear etc, specially when your just starting. For example I've been playing around with Nerf for a few years now and I've only just bought my first holster. (thanks BSUK)

Sparky2504 wrote:
I'll try to get to the war in Hendon this weekend

Hendon war isn't this weekend, it's on the 10th

Yeah just get out and have some fun,
get some safety specs, a couple of blasters and go for it.

Strongarm's go for 8.66 a lot of the time.
Stryfe's and elite alpha trooper can be had in the 2 for 30 quid offer at argos.
Then look on ebay for "gen 3 koosh darts" and buy a load.
beautifulwoman12 is a reliable seller but they take a little while to come from china but i think theres a uk seller, babygirrafe.
These darts are cheaper and better quality than actual Nerf darts.

Probably best to avoid other cheap ebay darts as they're usually lower quality and have hard tips.

Loads of great info on here and plenty youtube vids to keep you going.

n_g wrote:
Sparky2504 wrote:
I'll try to get to the war in Hendon this weekend

Hendon war isn't this weekend, it's on the 10th

Sorry getting my dates mixed up, last few weeks have been a bit of a blur

Thanks for the setup guide, got a much better idea of what I need other than the blaster if I start going regularly.
Think the custom pouches and holders will be a fun little project to see what I can come up with.

Moment of panic over, I'm away with the bar this weekend and was worried a typo was about to go down hard.

Just about any blaster will let you have a good day, I don't have loaners as the two that would be loaners are painted up for Nerf larp and won't be taken to the park but I'm sure someone will have something, or I've a one shot pistol if all else fails. Either way take a look at the post about it and check all the details as a good start.

Sparky2504 wrote:
Thanks guys I'll do some more research and try to get to the war in Hendon this weekend

If you come to the war next weekend I can take a few extra blasters for you to try out?

I'll be taking my modded stryfe
Elite Alpha Troopee
And a jolt

Might be an idea to take a look online at aone pictures of the above and see what's what Smile just let me know whether to pack them or not

Above all just have the best fun ever! Welcome to the world of Nerf my man!

Thanks north, I picked up a stryfe, rapidstrike and eat today so I should be good. Also ordered a couple of hundred darts and 2 18 dart mags which should be here in time for next weekend  Very Happy

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